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  • 2013 Spring Imperial Pure Old Tree Yue Guan Bai(Moon Light White) Tea, 15g Sample(EU standard)
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2013 Spring Imperial Pure Old Tree Yue Guan Bai(Moon Light White) Tea, 15g Sample(EU standard)


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    Yue Guan Bai tea (litterally refers to White moon light) from Jinggu, is a kind a tea which does not fall into the six tea categories, due to its making techniques. Or to be more precisely, more people would like to define it as white tea; However, it also has its difference compared to white tea.


    Invented by a Taiwan guy in Yunnan in 2003, this tea is made from big white hair big leaves tea trees from Jinggu. Only Jinggu has this type of tea trees, which is charaterized with silver tea hair.  Its making process are summarized below: picking the fresh leaves; withering the tea leaves under the moon light to its complete dryness?unlike Pu Er tea, which must be withered under sun light); after the withering process is ok, then it is the finished product of white moon light tea. Since its witherness is conducted for a long time, it causes some interior oxidation by its interior enzymes. So that is why its tea liquid and aroma is so similiar to black tea. You will be surprised to see the tea liquid color turns to more and more red after several infusion.


    This tea is from our cooperative old tea tree plantation in Wenshan mountain, Jinggu. The tea trees was cultivated by local Yi minority around 400 hundred years ago. Due to the whole tribe immigration to nearby mountains, this tea plantation mountain is abondaned. So the tea trees grow wildly & naturally until our partner purchased them 3 years ago. In order to maintain its nearby surrounding of the tea plantation, our partner only cut a small amount of other trees and did not use any fertilizer & pesticide at all. So there is no one living in this tea mountain, and its road up to this tea mountain is extremely bumpy. The most bumpy road I ever saw in Yunnan. Hence, we need to cherish each cup of this tea.


    Harvest time: 2013 spring


    Tea composition: old tea trees of big white hair big tea leaves


    Picking standard: One bud with two leaves


    Shape: Tight, fat, plump.


    Dried tea color: Shiny silver hair color with dark leaves hue


    Aroma: freshness, floral aroma


    Tea soup color: golden yellow


    Taste: floral, sweet and fresh taste, strong throat feeling, smooth tea soup



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