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  • Guangxi Jiao Gu Lan (Fiveleaf Gynostemma) Herbal Tea-50g

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Guangxi Jiao Gu Lan (Fiveleaf Gynostemma) Herbal Tea-50g

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    Name: Guangxi Jiao Gu Lan (Fiveleaf Gynostemma) Herbal Tea 

    Original: Southern mountains of China   

    Harvest time: 2017 spring  

    Shape: Ball shape   

    Tea soup color: Clear, bright golden yellow

    Certificate of Analysis by Eurofins: (No.: AR-13-SU-009936-01)

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    Chinese herbal tea tasting and sanitary standards

    Chinese herbal tea storage and packing

    Chinese Herbal Tea - Jiaogulan

    Gynostemma pentaphyllum, also called jiaogulan,Chinese (Fiveleaf Gynostemma) Herbal Tea, is a kind of herb that grows in the southern mountains of China. More than 1, 000 years ago, ancient Chinese medical practitioner had already discovered it and has been using it as the main ingredient and formula for the treatment of a number of illnesses 


    In 1252, both medical references"Famine Relief Book on Chinese Medicine" and "Native Chinese Plants" nicknamed Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb roots as "Miracle Herb". Its fame had spread globally; In Japan, Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb is also called "Good News Herb"; In the United States, it is named "Green Gold"; In Singapore and Malaysia, it is described as "Goddess of Health" and "Antidote for a Hundred Illnesses"; In China, it is named "Eastern Miracle Herb" and "Prime Ginseng". Modern medical research had proven that Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb has medical and tea properties, containing 83 Mono-Zaogan, including 6 Ginseng Zaogan as well as rich amino acid and mineral substances. Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb is mild in character with a sweet taste. It is good for the spleen, alleviates fever, relieves cough, dispels phlegm, expels sickness and builds up strength. It can also effectively reduce the blood cholesterol levels, prevents obesity, maintains blood pressure, control the development of cancer cells. It can improve sleep, anti-aging, promotes longevity, and boost the human immune system.


    Our Jiaogulan is the export high standart, which meets the European Minimum residue level(EMRL), and exports tons to Europe every year.


    For more health benefits of Jiaogulan, pls click the Wikipedia information here:https://www.jkteashop.com/Jiao-Gu-Lan-n-11/