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  • Imperial Huo Shan Huang Ya Yellow Tea, 50g

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Imperial Huo Shan Huang Ya Yellow Tea, 50g


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    Our Huo Shan Huang Ya is from the Bai Ma Jiang peak in Da Bie Shan mountain in Huoshan county, Anhui province, which its peak elevation is 1774 meters high. Well-selectly one bud with one leaf/two leaves picking standard, our traditional Huo Shan Huang Ya enjoys very sweet and thick taste with good floral aroma. Unlike green tea, yellow tea focuses more on the tea taste; that is why yellow tea has sweeter & thicker taste than green tea, but not its aroma.


    Huo Shan Huang Ya green tea is one of the famous yellow tea from Anhui province, China.  Thought its traditional making process in ancient time is lost, it is re-discovered by the Chinese tea experts based on the records in tea books & history books in 1970s.


    Also unlike the other several types of yellow tea, such as Jun Shan Yin Zhen & Meng Ding Hua Ya, Huo Shan Huang Ya has its own unique & special oxidated(yellowed process), whose yellowed process must be conducted three times during the whole making process.  So that is why Huo Shan Huang Ya's taste & apperance also different from Jun Shan Yin Zhen & Meng Ding Hua Ya.


    Our Huo Shan Huang Ya is made according to the traditional yellowed process, not the Huo Shan green bud green tea.

     Huo Shan Huang Ya Yellow Tea
     Bai Ma Jiang peak of Da Bie Shan mountain area, Huoshang county, Anhui province
              Tea tree:  Local old bush in Bai Ma Jiang peak
      Harvest time:  2017 spring
      Picking standard:
     One bud with one or two leaves
      Dried tea color:  Yellowish green color
      Shape:  Tight and straight
     Fresh, floral & sweet aroma
     Fresh, sweet, mellow, unique floral taste
      Tea soup color:

     Pleasing sweet, thick & delicate taste, long-lasting sweetness