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  • Jin Jun Mei - Imperial Golden Eyebrow Lapsang Souchong Black Tea, 50g

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Jin Jun Mei - Imperial Golden Eyebrow Lapsang Souchong Black Tea, 50g

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    Name: Jin Jun Mei - Golden Eyebrow Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

    Harvest time: 2017 spring

    Picking standard: One bud with one leaf only

    Dried tea color: Bloom, red tippy, gold-yellow-balck color

    Shape: Tight, lightly-curly stick shape

    Aroma: Fruit, fresh honey & floral aroma

    Taste: Fresh, rich body taste with light honey taste

    Tea soup color: Bright orange-red color with high transparency & golden ring

    Jin Jun Mei Black Tea tasting and sanitary standards

    Jin Jun Mei Black Tea storage and packing


    Jin Jun Mei - Imperial Golden Eyebrow Lapsang Souchong Black Tea




    Jin Jun Mei


    Golden Eyebrow Lapsang Souchong, in Chinese, it is called "Jin Jun Mei", which is made of tea bud tips. Jin Jun Mei black tea is one of the most challenging, expensive, and demanding black teas produced in China. Super strict picking standard is set up for this tea, which must be picked before Tomb-sweeping Day from a rare and primitive specie of wild tea which grows on mountains in the National Natural Conservation Area of Wuyi Mountain, with an attitude of 1500 to 1800 meters. A skilled female picker can only pluck about 2000 pieces of tea bud tips per day; However, for 500g Jin Jun Mei Black Tea, it requires at least 58,000 pieces of tea buds to make 500g finished products. In other words, this skilled tea picker should pluck at least 29 days, so that 500g Jin Jun Mei Black Tea can come into exisiting.

    Strictly adopting the traditional hand-made processing technology of bohea lapsang tea, Jin Jun Mei Black Tea has unique characteristics, such as tight, slender and gold-yellow-black tea leaf, bright golden tea liquid, mixed aromas of fruit, flower, honey, and potato. This is the rarest Lapsand Souchong black tea in the world. Tea variety: wild growing tea bushes in Tongmu village.

    Picking standard and production process


    Jin Jun Mei black tea is inclided in the top notch Chinese teas. It is commonly harvested during Chung Ming Festival. One of the main reasons why it is a challenging black tea to produce is because Jin Jun Mei requires an exquisite skill since the picking window is too small. It is considered as wild tea since Jin Jun Mei is a wild species from the soil of Wushiyan. During the first weeks of the spring season, farmers would gather and help each other in picking this golden eyebrow's buds. Picking the older and larger buds is not advisable. Farmers only choose to pick the buds at the top upper part of the field. This is to maintain Jin Jun Mei's high quality and exclusivity. Upon harvesting, these buds are rolled and fermented. Once dried, it means that these are ready for packaging and distribution.

    Health benefits of Jin Jun Mei black tea


    This black tea is essential to maintain a healthier lifetle. Chinese health experts said that Jin Jun Mei's tea leaves can help you lose weight organically and naturally. These loose leaf teas can also slow down aging process by removing wrinkles and unavoidable physical mature changes. One of its greatest features that is so appealing especially to many women is it can help in maintaining a young looking skin. In addition, this dark tea improves the immune system. It can calm the nerves instantly without necessarily taking any medications. Aside from that, this specific black tea from China can strenthen and nourish the stomach. It can totally give you a whole packaged deal in preserving a healthier life.

    Easy way to brew


    Tea brewing is not that hard with this Wuyi black tea. A single teaspoon of the tea is enough for 250ml tea cups. Pour water in a teapot and boil it. Tea leaves can be added directly to the pot. But if needed, you may use tea infusers in performing this action. Let it stand by for at least 4 minutes. When time is up, perform 4 to 5 infusions then it will be ready to be served.


    Taste of Jin Jun Mei

    Of course, consumer will love Jin Jun Mei tea. Its taste made it earn its spot in one of the famous teas in China. One single sip can actually give you the sensational taste of tropical fruit mixed with the sweetness of a chocolate. Tasting closely, Jin Jun Mei has great unique aroma that can never be compared to others. It produces a combination flavor of fruits and floral. It is believed that Jin Jun Mei's mellow and fruity-floral aroma flavor is one of the outstanding reasons why it gathers all of the popularity among the Wuyishan teas.