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  • Wild-growing Purple Chrysanthemum Tea-50g/bag

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Wild-growing Purple Chrysanthemum Tea-50g/bag

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    This is the wild-growing purple chrysanthemum herbal tea. Only picked one time in Autumn. It enjoys very unique wild floral aroma; light sweet taste full of high mountain taste. 

    Name: Wild-growing Purple Chrysanthemum Tea 

    Origin: Qiaoban village, Yanjia town, Chunan county, Zhejiang province  

    Harvest time: 2017 Autumn, wild-growing guaranteed  

    Picking standard: One bud  

    Dried tea color: Bloom purple ray florets & organge disk florest with green stems  

    Shape: Plump flower shape  

    Aroma: Natural and fresh floral fragrance  

    Taste: Natural & smooth floral taste  

    Tea soup color: Light green


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    Purple Chrysanthemum tea storage and packing

    Purple Chrysanthemum Tea - Chinese Herbal Tea

    This wild purple chrysanthemum tea is an extremely unique variety among the others chrysanthemums. It only grows up in one mountain in China, where it is located in Qiaoban village, Yanjia town, Chunan county, Zhejiang province, and whose altitude is around 1460 meters. This mountain is called Yu San Jian, which means the mountain’s shape is similar to an umbrella shape. So far, there is still no road directly to the tea farmers who make this tea. We need to stop at his village and then climb the mountain road for about 3 kilometers before reaching his house.

    This purple chrysanthemum tea only pluck one time in mid of Oct and have a limited yield per year. The spotlights of this purple are:

    1.Pesticide free purple chrysanthemum tea, unlike any other Chinese chrysanthemum, it is wild-growing in the mountains, and it volatilizes some odor that can drive the worms or insects away.

    2.Pesistent fresh wild floral taste after many times infusion.


    From ancient time till now, chrysanthemum flowers have been used as a Chinese herbal teas, such as clearing away the body interior heat and toxic materials,  quenching thirsts and anti-heat stroke in summer.