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  • Silver Needle - Imperial Silver Needle White Tea, 50g

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Silver Needle - Imperial Silver Needle White Tea, 50g

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    Name: Imperial Silver Needle White Tea                        

    Tea tree: Big white Pu Er tea trees  

    Original: Jinggu, Yunnan Province  

    Harvest time: 2017 spring  

    Picking standard: One bud 

    Dried tea color: Shiny silver color

    Shape: Tight, fat needle shape full of silver hair

    Aroma: Fresh & clean flower fragrance

    Taste: Fresh, sweet, mellow, and light honey taste

    Tea soup color: Lightly shiny yellow


    Silver Needle tasting and sanitary standards

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    Silver needle white tea

    silver needle


    Silver needle white tea is a slightly fermented tea, which is named after its shape, whose color is silver because of its conspicuously tea hair and shape, likes a big needle. White tea is exclusively made from young unopened tea silver buds and does contain any stems or leaves. Additionally, unlike other teas, white teas undergo minimal oxidization and can be considered as unoxidized tea. This tea also known as "Bai Hao Yin Zhen" in Chinese, meaning "White Hair Needle" the white tea is slightly fermented and is popular around the world for its impeccable flavor and aromatic fragrance.

    This is the top grade of white tea directly from big white Pu Er tea trees in Jinggu, Yunnan, which is a special tea tree variety in Yunnan only, so the sweetness in tea liquid is longer than Fuding silver needle, with another totally different aroma. Smooth tea liquid with lingering after taste sweetness in the mouth; high infusiability time; dense tea liquid with fruity aroma. This silver needle white tea is from the tea plantation in Jinggu, Yunnan province.


    All of our white tea is stored in the freezer, so it can maintain its super freshness when they are delivered to our clients.

    Silver needle tea health benefits

    Boosts Immunity

    Silver needle is rich in antioxidants, a naturally occurring compound that helps destroy free radicals that can cause disease and ailments in the human body. Antioxidants present in the white tea not only help boost your immune system, but also help build up a defense against free radicals.


    Silver needle is high in amino acid Theanine, a natural supplement known to ease anxiety and stress. Sipping a cup of this herbal tea before retiring to bed will help relax your body, enabling you to have a good night sleep.

    Healthy heart

    The antioxidants found in silver needle white tea helps strengthen blood vessels and lower bad cholesterol levels, promoting heart health. Additionally, drinking white tea helps prevent blood clots that can otherwise cause heart attacks and strokes and protects heart tissues from potential damage.

    Aids digestion

    This light and mellow silver needle is one of the best natural remedies that can help you get relief from indigestion or heartburn. Drinking white tea will help detoxify your digestive system and get relief from stomach acidity in a natural and effective way.

    Promoted weight loss

    Drinking Silver needle helps boost metabolism, which encourages the body to burn fat, promoting weight loss. Additionally, since the tea is rich in caffeine, it allows you to stay energetic and perform physical exercises that can help you get into shape.

    How to brew silver needle white tea

    Things required

    · Mineral or purified water

    · 3-5 grams of tea for 200ml glass cup or pot

    · Brewing water temperature – between 90°C and 95°C

    Brewing steps:

    #1: Warm the vessels first and then pour out the hot water

    #2: Add the tea in your glass pot or cup and gently shake it for about 3- 5 seconds.

    #3: For the first infusion, add hot water (about 1/3 of the cup) and gently rotate the tea inside the water and enjoy the pleasing floral aroma. Allow the teas to seep for about 2-3 minutes before sipping your herbal tea.

    #4: For the second infusion, add hot water again in your glass cup or pot and steep it for about 2-3 minutes or until the tea liquid taste weakens.

    Does silver needle white tea have caffeine?

    Silver needle white tea is obtained from the youngest buds of Camellia Sinensis plant, a plant that produces the highest amount of caffeine. As a result, silver needle white tea when compared to other types of Chinese white tea contains high caffeine and has the mildest flavor. However, white tea has less caffeine than coffee.



    When brewed properly, silver needle white tea will have a fresh, strong and aromatic aroma that has a delightful floral nuance. The resulting flavor of this bright clear apricot colored tea is smooth, mellow with a lightly sweet floral aftertaste.

    Silver Needle white tea is one of those rare and exquisite teas that have a healthy profile to go with its wonderful flavor. Pair the tea with mild dishes such as milky desserts or steamed poultry and enjoy sipping a high-grade velvety tea, right in the comfort of your home.