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Is it Worth Drinking Green Tea?

1. About green tea

green tea

Green tea is a variety of tea that is created from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves are not exposed to similar oxidation and withering processes used when creating black tea and oolong tea, hence its difference. Green tea has its roots in China but with time, it slowly spread to other countries in Asia such as Japan. There are many types of green tea. This variety comes as a result of a difference in the variety of the plant used, when they are reaped and how they are produced.

The types of green tea grown in Japan include: Genmaicha, Sencha, Gyokuro, Fukamushi Sencha, and Tencha. In China, they include: Long Jing, also commonly referred to as 'Dragonwell', Gunpowder, Xin Yang Mao Jian, Kai Hua Long Ding and Pi Lo Chun, also known as 'Green Snail Spring'.

It is grown using two main types of methods: under the shade and exposure to the sun. The leaves are mostly harvested in spring and the rich methods used in growing them contribute to their unique taste. When it comes to processing, several methods are used as well; contemporary and traditional. The contemporary methods include tumbling, steaming and drying them in the oven. Traditional methods are basket firing, sun-drying, and pan-firing. The 'aracha', or green tea after being processed, undergo firing once again before selection, blending and packaging are done.

What makes the tea unique is that the leaves are fired at certain times of the year and this gives them a better taste and enables them to last longer too.

2. Best time to drink green tea

There are various times that are the best time to drink green tea. First, the tea should be drunk approximately 2 hours prior to bedtime. This is because drinking it just before bedtime causes lack of sleep due to its caffeine content.

Second, the best time to drink green tea is 2 hours prior to and after a meal. When you take it alongside a meal, it hinders the taking in of iron into your body. Additionally, drinking it immediately after eating brings about inadequate absorption of nutrients from the food into the body.

Third, the best time to drink green tea is in the summer. Summer is ideal because the tea is meant to be a coolant. Taking it in winter when temperatures are low, is inappropriate since you are lowering your body temperature and its authentic flavor is achieved when cold water is used in brewing it.

Fourth, you may drink it in the morning if you wish, but the best time to drink green tea in the morning is after you are full. Consuming the tea in the morning when there's nothing in your stomach but gastric juice could damage your liver. It could also prove to be detrimental since green tea encourages the production of gastric juice in your stomach. Excess gastric juice leads to indigestion.

3. When is the best time to drink green tea for weight loss?

green tea for weight loss

If you are trying to shed some extra weight, the best time to drink green tea is before you have exercised. This is because green tea adds water to your body, that you'll need to replace the sweat you'll produce as you exercise and it adds energy into your body that you will need throughout the fat-burning session. In addition, it is proven to improve the level in which fat is burned, it boosts your performance and it accelerates the metabolism rate.

4. Green tea nutrition

One of the benefits of taking green tea is it has so many health benefits. Some of them are: it lowers the risk of experiencing cardiovascular complications, it nullifies chances of suffering from stroke, it lowers cholesterol levels in the body, it provides a cure for skin disorders such as psoriasis, it improves your memory, reduces your chances of contracting Alzheimer's at old age and it helps to prevent you from getting cancers such as breast and ovarian cancer in women, throat, lung, bladder cancers and prostate cancer in men.


5. How much green tea should we drink every day?

This largely depends on the variety. Though it has an attractive green color and a pleasant sweet taste, we should limit ourselves to utmost 3-5 cups per day. It may look and taste great, but too much of it is highly discouraged.


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