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  • Black Dragon Pearls Tea, 50g

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Black Dragon Pearls Tea, 50g

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    Black Dragon Pearls is a special hand-rolled black tea with a smooth, rich and caramel taste.

    Name: Black Dragon Pearls Black Tea

    Original: Yunnan, China

    Harvest time: 2017 spring

    Shape: Tight round dragon pearl shape; diameter:5-7mm

    Aroma: Natural and fresh, sweet and rich aftertaste

    Taste: Rich taste, strong fragrance, soft and fine taste, a sweet refreshing taste

    Tea soup color: Bright red liquor

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    Black dragon pearl tea - Yunnan red dragon pearl black tea

    Black dragon pearl tea is also called Yunnan red dragon pearl black tea. A superemely unique and pleasant  Black Dragon Pearl Tea first produced onver 1500 years ago in the province of Yunnan, thus making it one of the oldest varieties of tea. Yunnan also has the distinction of producing more black tea than any other part of China and this excellent brew brings to you the flavors that can only be achieved by the ancient Chinese tea making techniques that offer a complexity of aromas that would satiate your sences with just a few pearls for a kettle. These are called "red", but in China, people like to call black tea red and hence the name "Red Dragon Pearl Black Tea".

    Shape and texture

    This beautiful Black dragon pearl tea is hand-rolled into pearls after being harvested in spring. Each pearl is made of hand-picked black and gold leaves are wrapped tightly and manually processed into their gem-like form. Once steeped eace pearl expands out into a nice pile of full long leaves and can take you to another world in just a sip. The look is that of a small rag ball that is used by weavers to make rugs, but there ends the similarity. What this tea gives is a definite scent of chocolate and dried leaves. The care taken in making this tea is borne by the fact that the workers can produce only 1 kg tea per hour.


    This Black dragon pearl tea yields a spicy and smooth aroma with pleasing jasmine overtones with the expected malty and chocolate tones of Yunnan released more slowly and gently owing to the pearl form. It has a smooth texture and the sweet, gentle taste of malt and chocolate and has minimal astringency. With its perfect level of depth and briskness, this tea would make you want to enjoy more than one cup.

    Healthy benefits

    The beneficial health effects of Black dragon pearl tea have been consistently demonstrated in both animal and human studies. The most widely recognized properties of black tea are their antioxidant activities, arising from their ability to oxygen. Some of the other benefits are;

    1. Cataract, which mainly develops as a result of protein precipitation in the lens of the eye, may be reduced by increased black tea consumption.

    2. Black tea contains fluoride, which strengthens tooth enamel and improves dental health.

    3. Among women 65-76 years of age, black tea consumption was associated with greater bone mineral density measurements.

    4. In diet-induced obese mice, consumption of black tea for 10 weeks prevented obesity and fatty liver.

    5. Ingestion of black tea extract by healthy young men with each meal resulted in a significant increase in 24-hour energy expenditure and a significant decrease in the 24 hour respiratory quotient.

    6. Several epidemiologival studies have shown beneficial effects of black tea in cancer, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases.

    7. The health benefits associated with black tea consumption have also been corroborated in animal studies of cancer chemoprevention, hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and other aging related disorders.



    For this Black dragon pearl tea (Yunnan dragon pearls tea), after siping the tea soup, the mixed pure yunnan black tea and tea aroma is around your whole mouth,  and the tea liquid is quite sweet, gentle and without any astringency as well. This is a premium black tea. Select Dian Hong tea leaf and roll into the form of a small dragon pearl shape. Bright yellow color, sweet and rich aftertaste. Rich taste, strong fragrance, soft and fine taste, a sweet refreshing taste. Bright red liquor.