Traditional Dai Minority bamboo raw Pu Er tea making process

Here we would like to take this opportunity to explain how the traditional bamboo raw Pu Er tea is made.

Normally the best time to make bamboo Pu Er tea is the Autumn season, as only at this moment, large amount of fragrant bamboo is available.

1. cut the fresh bamboo( only fragrant bamboo is using; this fragrant bamboo is unlike common bamboo; after freshly-cut, smell inside the bamboo, this natural, unique, super high aromatic fragrance comes against the nose. The fragrance is better and natural than any perfume. Dai minority often use this kind of bamboo to put sticky rice inside & cook together to eat.

2. cut the long bamboo stick into small bamboo.



3. Put the leaves inside the fresh bamboo and cook it directly on the wood stoves.


4. for 500g/bamboo Pu Er tea, it requires at least 9 times of putting those Maocha inside the bamboo separately and press it hardly inside to a solid stick shape after it is burnt on the stove and become soft by heat.




5. After the bamboo is well-cooked/burned above the stove, we will take it out and cool down, before peeling the bamboo;

6. after well-peeled the bamboo, we need to put those stick bamboo raw Pu Er tea inside the heating room for at least 72 hours, so the tea inside can be completely dry.

Then in this case, because the tea inside the bamboo fully absorb the bamboo’s unique fragrance & bamboo juice after burning on the stove, that is why the bamboo Pu Er tea has such high fragrance, sweet tea taste with little astringency & bitterness;  That also explains why local minorities like this way of drinking tea and can be easily well-kept and store this kind of teas. 


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La Lao Huo(the final step baking) for Liu An Gua Pian

Video in Youtube: La Lao Huo(the final step baking) for Liu An Gua Pian

I will put some video in our blog, It can help some  tea lover to understand the tea making process. 🙂

Laohuo-refers to bake the leaves around 160-180 degree. This is the extremely crucial step, which directly influences on the aroma, leaves color, shape and taste. A big baking basket is adopted with 1.5 diameter. Wood charcoal is used at this step. Around 3-4kgs of teas are on the big basket. This procedures of this step can be described as following. Two tea makers carry the basket onto the charcoal for about  5 seconds, then carry it down to stir the leaves to lower down its temperature; This two procedures require to be done at least 120 times, which is similiar to walking over 10 km road.

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