The Pu-erh tea


The Pu-erh tea is a kind of organic loose tea that is made from huge leaf range of tea plant. It was named after the country of Pu’er close to Simao, Yunnan, China. Pu-erh tea may be bought in raw or ripened form, varying on the processing or aging method. Sheng Pu-erh can be approximately categorized on oxidation tea scale as a green tea while aged-green variety as post-fermented tea.


Pu-erh can fit in a lot of tea categories as this makes it difficult for it to be classified. Because of this, Pu-erh green tea is usually disregarded, and the tea is considered exclusively post-fermented product. Compared with other teas which should preferably be taken after production, Pu-erh can be consumed at once or age for several years. Pu-erh teas are usually now categorized year and district of production similar to wine vintages.


when we went to our tea garden, which is located in the Yunnan province and experience the life of the tea farmer, it was really fun farmers are enthusiast and just happy, while there are several fake up-hers in the market and authentic Pu-erh is tricky to locate and distinguish, it is still potential to search Pu-erh with 10-50 years of age and not many from the previous Qing dynasty. Certainly, tea connoisseurs and even entrepreneurs are eager to consume high costs for older Pu-erh and spend thousands of dollars per brick. Pu-erh tea is obtainable in organic loose tea or cake forms.


Pu-erh tea is conventionally created with leaves from aged wild tea trees from a range called broad-leaf tea which originated in southwest China and neighboring tropical regions in India, Laos, Vietnam and Burma. The shoots, as well as young foliages from this varietal, often wrapped with fine hairs, together with pekoe bigger than other tea varietals.


Its foliages are also somewhat unlike in chemical makeup, which changes the smell and taste of the tea when brewed and its attraction for aging. Because of the shortage of aged wild tea trees, the Pu-erh is created using trees mixed from diverse tea mountains of Yunnan are greatly appreciated while an increasing number of connoisseurs are searching Pu-erh with leaves gathered from one tea mountain’s uncultivated jungles. History of Pu-erh tea dates back to Eastern Han Dynasty.


Pu-erh is popular for the detail that is a compacted tea as well as it normally ages well and generates a satisfying drink. Through aging, the tea naturally acquires a darker color and smoother flavor traits. Frequently Pu-erh leaves are compacted into bricks or cakes and covered in diverse materials, which when kept from extreme moisture; sunlight and heat assist in aging the tea.

Compressing the Pu-erh into cakes as well as aging tea bricks probably initiated from the normal aging procedures that occur in storage rooms of tea merchants and drinkers and on horseback convoys on Ancient tea direction which was utilized in the old Yunnan during the trading of tea to Tibet as well as other parts of northern China. Pressing of tea into thick bulky materials expectedly made the horseback transport more convenient and lessened the damage caused to the product.


All kinds of Pu-erh tea are made from mostly green teas that are not oxidized found in mountains of southern Yunnan.

Why Green Tea is Good for You

Do you know the health benefits of this delicious drink known as green tea? Well, if your answer is no then you should try drinking it in order for you to reap all its benefits. The interesting thing is that you can easily purchase green tea in our stores. We value all our customers that why we provide quality brands of green tea. No need to panic where you can get the best green tea. Believe or not that this wonderful drink has a lot of health benefits. Green tea contains antioxidants and nutrients which are beneficial on the body. Without further ado, below are the reasons why green tea is good for you.

JKlost weight

1.It Helps to Lose Some Pounds Do you want to cut off weight? Well, the good news is that you can incorporate green tea on your diet and it will help you achieve your desired weight. They contain powerful properties which are useful to your body metabolism as they boost metabolic rate. This fantastic drink burns body fats hence promoting weight loss.



2.Lowers Cholesterol and Improve Blood flow

Green tea contains types of antioxidants known as Catechins. These compounds are helpful in taking care of cholesterol level and also the blood pressure. Once you consume this powerful drink, it will improve the flow of blood in your body. This would be a great benefit to you even as you grow old because you will be free from various heart-related complications. Good News! So if you want to reap the benefits of green tea don’t hesitate to buy it from our stores. You will easily get the amount of your choice at an affordable price.


3.Beneficial to Your Teeth as well as Your Mouth

It is true that the bacteria in your mouth may attack your teeth thus causing tooth cavities and decay. Do you know you can be able to prevent this? Just drink green tea and the compounds in it are helpful in killing those bacteria thus preventing them from damaging your teeth. Similarly, green tea puts off gum diseases. In addition to that, you will have a better breath in your mouth. This is because green tea has the potential of killing all the microbes that facilitate bad breath. This is wonderful! If you want to have a better breath at all times, just take a sip of this powerful drink called green tea.

JKrelax4.It Makes You feel Relaxed

In general, green tea improves your entire body health. In most cases, your brain functioning improves and this leads to a better relaxation of mind. If you have stress, make green tea your favorite drink. It will reduce your anxiety. Theanine is a compound found in green tea and it helps to reduce stress and makes you feel calm. So it is good to drink it when you feel your mind is stressed up.


Knowledge is power. You have known the reasons why you should drink green tea and it wise to note that all its benefits are good for your health. If you want to witness these benefits, don’t hesitate to purchase it and you will definitely enjoy its goodness.

History of Japanese Matcha Making Process



Brief History of Matcha making process
Matcha is the most consumed Green Tea in Japan. The finely-milled beverage is made through a process that has changed since Matcha was developed during the Song Dynasty in China. The process has changed throughout Matcha’s history.From breaking off pieces from bricks of tea known as “tea cakes” and whisking them in hot water, to a number of different stepsusing modern machinery that make the process of brewing Matcha easier.

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What JK Tea Shop Offers
JK Tea Shop uses the Japanese Tencha making process, along with equipment imported from Japan, to produce a high quality Matcha that is IMO organic certified. The Matcha is shadowed by a black cloth and is grinded by ball-ground machine. This ensures the nutritional value of JK Tea Shop’s Matcha, while also maintaining its high quality look and taste.


Process of making Matcha Making Matcha in the Past

When Matcha became popular during the Song Dynasty in China was made through a very simple process. Before making the drinking tea, bricks of tea known as “tea cakes” would need to be made. This was done through steaming fresh tea leaves. Afterwards, the steamed leaves would be dried before they were grinded into powder. This powder would be left to harden in the sun in order to form a cake. The cake would be baked. Once the tea cakes were formed, little pieces would be broken off and whisked in hot water in order to create a drinking tea.


below picture is Japanese people making Matcha in the Past

JKjapanese people making matcha past

Modern Processes of Making Matcha
Nowadays, there are a number of different processes that are used to make Matcha. These include Picking, Shadowing and Grinding. Shadowing Matcha by Towel. There are different types of shadowing and grinding, along with different ways to pick Matcha leaves.

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Sunlight needs to be prevented from hitting the Matcha leaves while they grow. With less sunlight, you will be able to boost photosynthesis and get higher quality Matcha leaves(The purpose of shadowing is to get rid of the sunlight, so the tea leaves produce more chlorophyl, amino acid, carotenoids; lessTea Polyphenols;)

Shadowing in the past

JKshadowing in the past

Modern Processes of Shadowing


By Straw
When it comes to shadowing by straw, generally straw would be used to make a shadow that will cover the Matcha leaves. This ensures that the leaves get less sunlight, thus boosting photosynthesis. (straw is the most traditional way, but now, even in Japan, there is super limited amount Tencha used this way of shadowing, as it is too expensive and effect is similiar to black cloth)


Black Cloth
Alternatively, Black cloth can be used to create a shadow instead of using straw. Much like covering by straw, photosynthesis is boosted, thus allowing for better flavour and texture for the matcha.


Picking Matcha Leaves
Matcha leaves are normally picked from early to mid-May. There are different ways of picking Matches leaves. Each method of picking the leaves is done for different periods in their growth


By Hand
The first flush of Matcha leaves would be picked by hand. This is due to them only being soft at this time of the year, and are generally a higher grade of Matcha; This only happens at super, super limited amount in Japan.


Using Machinery
Machinery would be used to pick Matcha leaves at a latter point. These leaves are harder and are a lower grade of Matcha leaves.

JKmatcha making

Matcha Grinding Method
The Matcha leaves would be ground. Usually, they are ground using the Stone-Grinding process, but other methods like Machine grinding and Ball grinding can also be used.

JKstone matcha now

JKBall grinding matcha