Tie Guan Yin – Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea

What is Tie Guan Yin tea?

Tie Guan Yin Tea is a type of oolong tea that has a flowery fragrance similar to that of orchids. This type of oolong tea is cultivated in Fujian province in China. It is also a premium variety that is harvested by hand from tea orchards located in high altitudes. In addition, tie guan yin tea is the most popular oolong tea in China. It is rich in natural plant nutrients, including antioxidants and for this reason it is associated with a number of important health benefits.

How is Tie Guan Yin Tea processed? 

Processing tie guan yin tea is much more complicated when compared to processing other types of oolong teas. This is because tie guan yin tea is a premium variety of oolong tea , meaning that it requires careful processing to maintain its premium quality. The following are the steps that are involved in the processing of tie guan yin tea:

1. Plucking the tea leaves

For best results, the tea leaves should be picked from 11 am to 2 pm. This is the time that the sun is strongest. This helps ensure high quality tie guan yin tea. The best way to pick the tea leaves is by using shears or clippers.

2. Drying the leaves in the sun

Drying the tea leaves in the sun is the most preferred method. However, you must ensure that the tea does not get burned. Ideally, move the tea using bamboo dust pans.

3. Cooling the tea leaves

When you have dried the tea leaves enough, remove them from the sun and spread them out to cool in order to prevent them from turning yellow.

4. Tossing the tea leaves

This involves turning the tea carefully in a special bamboo drum until the edges become slightly bruised. Tossing essentially helps accelerate oxidation. It is a critical step in the process and actually impacts the quality of the tie guan yin tea that results. However, it is important not to turn the drum too much.

5. Drying the tea leaves in an air conditioned environment

This involves putting the tea leaves into a storage area that is air conditioned and then spreading them thinly to for proper oxidation.

6. Repeating the tossing and drying steps in the process as needed.

The number of times you need to repeat these steps depends on a number of factors, including weather, plantation, and demand, among others.

7. Stopping the oxidation process

This requires you to use a special round pan.

8. Curling the tea

This involves a few steps as follows:

– Wrapping the tea leaves into a ball and then tumbling the ball in order to create a round, tight shape,

– Breaking up the ball,

– Drying the tea once again if it is too wet,

– Repeating the process until you achieve the most ideal shape.

9. Drying the tea leaves in order to make it easier to pack.

10. Sorting, grading, and packing the tea.

Brewing Instructions of Tie Guan Yin tea

The following are the steps that you need to take when brewing your tie guan yin tea:

1. Fill your traditional yixing (a traditional Chinese teapot made from purple clay) and porcelain cup halfway with hot water in order to preheat them.

2. Add two teaspoons of tea leaves into your yixing. Alternatively, you can use any other type of vessel and ensure that you add 2 teaspoons of tea leaves to every 8 oz of water.

3. Fill your teapot with water that is heated up to 90 to 95 degrees centigrade.

4. Place the lid on your yixing and allow the tea steep for two minutes.

5. Your tie guan yin tea is now ready for consumption and you can now pour it into your teacup and consume it.


Huo Shan Huang Ya – The Imperial Yellow Tea

Huo Shan Huang Ya Plant
Huo Shan Huang Ya Plant (Camellia sinessis) commonly known as the Imperial Tribute Tea or The Yellow Tea is the best quality tea available in whole Asia. It was recorded as 1 of the 14 most celebrated teas during the Tang Dynasty, Huo Shan Huang Ya has its roots emerging from Ming Dynasty. Mainly cultivated in Anhui province of China. It has been the best type of home refreshment. The dry leaves have a shiny looking texture and have a similarity to the Huang Shan Mao Feng tea. When Huo Shan Huang Ya is soaked in water, it gives a refreshing Fresh Bamboo like Scent. The color of this Yellow Tea is light yellow and the aroma is also very mild unlike many other bud type tea.

Taste of Huo Shan Huang Ya
The first infusion gives a sweet and mellow taste with a smooth and thick feel on the taste buds. The second infusion gives a taste which gradually becomesbrisk, just like Green Tea. Combining the flavours of sweet and mellow of yellow tea added with fresh and brisk taste of green tea, This yellow tea is a good choice for both yellow and green tea Enthusiasts. It is particularly famous among women.

Health Benefits of Huo Shan Huang Ya
Huo Shan Huang Ya belongs to the category of tea which are Fermented. During its smothering process ( a slow oxidation process), a good amount of a digestive enzyme is produced which is good for Spleen and Stomach. It is a good home remedy for curing Indigestion, Stimulating appetite and is also effective for people trying to Lose Weight.
The natural occuring substance which has Anti-Cancer and Anti-inflammatory properties is retained upto 85% after the processing. The scientific Research has proved the occurance of Polyphenols, Polysaccharides, Amino Acids and Vitamins which have proved to have special effects on preventing and curing Oesophagean Cancer.

Brewing Suggestions For Huo Shan Huang Ya
The Yellow Tea can be brewed just like the traditional White Tea. Use 1 tablespoon (2 gm) of loose Yellow Tea in 100 gm of Water. The amount of loose tea used can be adjusted as per one’s own wish while the temperature should be controlled at 95 – 100 C. Then Brew for 1 minute. huo shan huang ya can withstand 3-5 Infusions. The second steeping may last for 2 minutes and the third a bit more longer than 60 seconds.
For top quality of huo shan huang ya, other brewing techniques can be used like:

Cup Method
1. Prepare a glass of 200 ml.
2. Pour into 95C water to 1/3rd the capacity of Glass.
3. Add about 2 gm tea into it.
4. Wait for a moment, When the buds of tea start to unfold in the water, fill the whole glass with water.
5. Brew for 1 – 2 minutes before Enjoying.

Chinese Gongfu Method
1. This method requires the use of Haiwan, Pour around 110 ml water.
2. Add 4 gm of Tea leaves
3. Control the temperate at 85-95 C
4. It requires steeping 3- 4 times, with 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s of time respectively between each Steeping.

There are numerous brewing methods for Huo Shan Huang Ya. It is one of the best type of tea available in the market. The average shelf life of Plucked Tea Leaves is 18 months and it is fast gaining a lot of fame Globally.


Jiao Gu Lan Herbal Tea – Healthy Tea to Your Body

Introduction of the plant

Jiao Gu Lan herbal tea also called Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb, is the best known herbal medicine from a plant gyno stemma Penta phylum. This plant grows in southern China, northern Vietnam, southern Korea and Japan. The plant is alleged to have powerful antioxidant and adaptogenic property and so s prolonged existence. Research has been done and shown some curative qualities of this Jiao Gu Lan plant such as bring down cholesterol, high blood pressure plus strengthening immunity. The benefits of this plant include treatment of poor need to eat, persistent bronchitis, pain and swelling of ulcers

Taste of Jiao Gu Lan tea

It’s a very high rating tea with delicate cucumber and sweet appetite. It test great, steeped in its original structure, the mixture has a soft, meekly sweet pea with spongy honey. The product is packed nicely and the tea is enjoyable with caffeine free and adaptogenic properties that make it have natural sugariness thus helping with craving if you have them.

Medicinal uses of Jiao Gu Lan tea

There many medicinal benefits of Jiao Gu Lan herbal tea. Its support blood circulation in various body parts such as liver glands. Nerves and general circulation. It also boosts the immune system, adrenal functions, nervous system, and creates an environment where viruses do not enter the body. On the digestion system the Jiao Gu Lan herbal tea help in detoxifying functions of the body including urinary system. It’s also reliefs stress in the body for occasional petulance. It has also been revealed that at times it aid in relieving occasional night time leg cramps. Support pancreases do its functions. The Jiao Gu Lan herbal tea also builds physical and emotional energy, promotes cellular metabolism and nourishes adrenal. The herbal tea also helps in cleaning of the body by targeting digestive and circulatory systems. When it comes to the nervous system, it gives energy and boosts central nervous and heart connection.Coronary heart diseases as been one of the recent killer’s diseases of the 21st century it is important to understand that Jiao Gu Lan herbal tea can help you protect your heart. So many studies have been done and have shown that Jiao Gu Lan herbal the can reduce cholesterol while raising HDL cholesterol in the blood it also controls cholesterol in the heart, it helps to loosen up and dilate the blood vessels and improve the blood flow in the arteries.The herb is naturally grown hence its discovered in this herbal tea.

Health protection of Jiao Gu Lan tea

Its natural antioxidant helps prevent skin damages caused by the sun and other foreign bodies. Jiao Gu Lan herbal tea also gets rid of those not needed signs that we are getting old in our skin. It also protects as against respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and coughs. The herbal tea as also the ability to heal the body from any diseases known in this world. When stresses rise it equip and protect your body to meet the challenge on the same level. It equalizes the work of the body. It also obstructs the growth of cancer and thus prevents disease by fighting the growth of tumor in the body.Finally, I would recommend you for the sake of your health to be taking Jiao Gu Lan herbal tea.