Amazing Benefits of Black Tea Consumed with Milk

Black Tea , derived from the Chinese variety of tea called Camellia sinesis, is obtained by the over oxidization of oolong tea, a technique that was first used in the early 1600s. Considered one of the most flavorful of teas, Black tea is a rich source of flavonoids and anti-oxidants. It offers oodles of benefits to the body, skin, hair and general well being. Unlike other varieties, Black tea usually retains its flavor benefits over several years. It is also one of the most popular forms of Tea consumed in the western world.

Most teas are consumed without the addition of milk, mainly because of the belief that adding milk takes away most of the benefits from the black tea. However, this isn’t backed by solid proof at all.

What is Black Tea? What are its benefits?

Black Tea gets its name from the color of the over-oxidized tea leaves during the production process. It has a very distinct and strong flavor and it contains very little caffeine. It is also very low in calories but contains flavonoids and polyphenols as well as several anti-oxidants.

Black Tea has several health benefits that are proven. Research shows that any food rich in anti-oxidants can help maintain good cardio vascular health and some even speculate that it could prevent Alzheimer’s or even Cancer. The tannin present in black tea is also known to have a positive effect on the digestive tract.

It is also said to lower blood cholesterol. Black Tea also has a soothing effect on our senses, and helps reduce the stress-inducing hormone called cortisol.

Substituting unhealthy, artificially sweetened drinks with Black tea can help in maintaining a healthy body weight as well.

Black tea also enriches your skin, giving it a nice and healthy glow. Regular consumption of black Tea gives skin, a youthful supple texture and delays ageing as well.

Can I add milk to my black tea?

Milk is a very common dairy product, rich in calcium especially the kind that is very easily absorbable. Milk on its own is a very nutritious component and should be consumed daily for healthier bone and teeth. But, some people refrain from adding milk to their Black tea, fearing that it may bring down the nutritional value.

But is this true?

While it is true that milk may reduce the effect of some of the anti-oxidants in tea, the main benefit of Black Tea comes from the action of its flavonoids and polyphenols. These polyphenols work to reduce the number of free radicals in our body.

Free radicals are toxic and they can cause a lot of damage to the living tissue. These free radicals are associated with ageing, cardio vascular diseases and even cancer. Polyphenols help inhibit the oxidative process that results in the production of these free radicals.

Studies have shown that consuming Black Tea with milk does not reduce the effect of these polyphenols in any way. Hence, consuming Black Tea with milk does not make it less advantageous.

Many people also enhance the flavor of Black tea with soy milk. So, you can enjoy your black tea with milk and reap the countless benefits that come from this super food.


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