Health Benefits of Blooming Tea

What is blooming tea?

Blooming tea, also known as flowering tea, hand-tied tea, and display tea is a type of tea that is made when a variety of flowers such as osmanthus, jasmine, chrysanthemum and globe amaranth are wrapped in black or green tea leaves then hand-shaped into a bulb shape.

Just as the name suggests, it blooms into an eye-catching masterpiece once hot water is poured on it, giving the tea drinker a double treat of wonderful tea as well as a magnificent floral display. It comes in various shapes and sizes based on the type of flower used and the choice of the artisan. It is held in place by fresh tea needles that can either be white or green prior to being covered up with yarn then fired up.

Flavor is added to it before being baked and stored. It has its origins in Fujian Province in China.

Blooming Tea Benefits

Unlike other types of tea such as green tea, black tea and oolong tea that have specific health benefits, blooming tea offers tea lovers the chance to obtain different health benefits because it is made up of different flowers. Each flower provides a unique benefit that is combined with benefits from black and green tea leaves. Here are some blooming tea benefits:

1. Blood pressure regulation

The jasmine flower contains properties that regulate blood pressure, therefore ensuring that your blood flow is in check at all times. Additionally, it has the ability to stop bad breath and to relax your stomach, making digestion easier and faster. It also makes your skin look younger and glow. The more tea you take, the more your skin transforms into a gleaming attraction that makes you appear young despite your age.

2. Brainpower enhancement

Flowering tea is rich in catechins that are known for offering protection to the neurons. Having a cup of it enhances the functions of the brain, therefore boosting your motor and cognitive skills. This allows you to rid yourself of complications such as Parkinson’s disease as well as improve your ability to focus and increase your alertness levels.

3. Metabolic rate improvement

If you’re looking to keep fit at all times regardless of what you eat, one of the blooming tea benefits is metabolic rate boosting. It ensures that the fat levels in your body are always regulated so that you can’t grow obese. Plus, it sees to it that fats never exceed the recommended level.

4. High antioxidant content

Blooming tea contains high amounts of antioxidants that play a vital role in the removal of dangerous toxins in your body. These antioxidants are special since they’re rare and are unique to it alone. Since it is a classic combination of various teas, you get to enjoy different types of antioxidants at various levels. This ensures that your body is always loaded with beneficial components.

5. Zero-stress guarantee

If you’re suffering from depression or if your stress levels regularly increase at worrying levels, blooming tea offers the solution to a more relaxed and happier you. One of the blooming tea benefits is stress alleviation, which allows you to rest easy. It has a calming aroma and delicious taste that will appeal to your senses.

Plus, it has high amino acid and theanine content that make it an ideal tool for the handling of stress. Although it is a top stress reliever, it would help if you learn how to put your stress in check since it is unavoidable.

6. It has anti-inflammatory qualities

Another one of the blooming tea benefits is its rich content of anti-inflammatory properties. These help in curing of arthritis. If you’re suffering from arthritis, it can offer treatment and minimize the pain that comes with the swelling of joints. Drinking it nullifies your chances of suffering from the condition in your later years and aids in strengthening your joints.

7. It keeps your heart well protected

Blooming tea ensures that your heart is in perfect condition. It makes this possible by regulating the amount of cholesterol in your body. In addition, it controls the levels of LDL cholesterol, that can cause great harm to the heart when in large amounts. It also hinders oxidation of cholesterol that can lead to poor circulation of blood to and from the heart.

How to steep flowering tea?

Watching those blooming flower teas opening up is fantastic. To steep flowering tea, use a glass teapot with a wide base that will allow the tea to open fully so you can perfectly enjoy the view of this creative art. Some types of flowering tea open up with a relatively tall flower, so think of a teapot that can let it stand up straight. Flowering teas are tightly bundled, so it’s essential to use water just below boiling point for them to properly bloom. Usually, it only takes a minute to bloom and another 1 minute to fully unfurl. When it reaches full bloom, you may enjoy your first cup of tea with a strong flavor and intense aroma of the flowers. A great thing, blooming tea can be brewed up to 3 times, with changing flavors during every steep. Simply refill along the side of the glass to enjoy the view of the blooming flower that has now opened up, while drinking your first cup. Just make sure to avoid pouring water directly on top of an already-bloomed flower to avoid disrupting its elegance and beauty.