Green Tea Is The Best Choice for Office Workers

A taste of the good old tea is always something to smile about each morning. When this drink is delivered to us in our workplaces as part of the mid-morning breakfast, what normally comes to mind is its effects in eliminating the morning shivers and getting us more energized for the day ahead. However, there is more to green tea than just these superficial benefits and in this article, we shall uncover some of these effects and discover why it has been dabbed as the best tea for office workers.

Benefits of Green Tea to Office Workers

Skin Care – One of the major problems affecting office workers is skin that easily dries up. The implications of a dry skin can be far-reaching, including wrinkling and showing signs of old age. These contribute to overall skin damage. However, green tea contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients that go a long way in ensuring the skin retains its tone and complexion.

Weight Loss – Consider the plight of a secretary that sits in one position all day, then feeds on a junky breakfast and lunch –it will just be a matter of time before they are two times the weight they had when they landed the job. Because of their restricted working condition, they may not get enough time to walk around or do other aerobic exercises. However, green tea is known to help with weight loss. This is because it contains ingredients that increase metabolism, helping such office workers to burn fats in-situ. The ingredient, polyphenol, is known to intensify the fat oxidation, thus stimulating metabolism.

Prevention of Carcinogenic Effects – Another problem that office workers suffer is the threat of computer radiation. These kinds of radiations may cause cellular damage and eventually lead to multiple problems to the eyes as well as development of cancer cells. However, those office workers who drink green tea can rest assured that the catechins found in this drink go a long way in ensuring these radiations do not impact negatively on them.

Blood Pressure Management – An office environment is always a subjective one. Every day, we are treated to endless backlogs of cases that leave us limited time to exercise or even think of proper nutrition. This, as it were, is a recipe for blood pressure. However consumption of green tea is known to help curb blood pressure and ensure it is within manageable levels.

Management of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s –Last but not least, office workers are subjected to death, damage or decay of brain cells. As a result, these workers end up with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases; conditions known synonymous with these kinds of cell deterioration. However, green tea has been strongly recommended for the restoration and repair of these damaged brain cells. The end result is a worker who remains competent and committed for a longer period of time.


If you are an office worker and you have been missing out on green tea, or have been taking it merely on account of its taste, then you need to change your perception and have a look at things from a more health point of view. You will not only end up healthy but also economically productive for long.

Green Tea With Milk

The trend of drinking green tea with milk is increasing day by day. As the world finds the amazing health benefits which a green milk tea contains the world is adopting the new trend in the market. The demand of green tea with milk is reaching its peak.

So are you ready to dip in the flavors of green tea with milk ?

With the great taste , many health benefits also come along. Doctors suggest that drinking green tea with milk contain antioxidants and nutrients have great effects on body. Increased alertness and memory is one of them. It protects you from cancer and other such dangerous diseases.

In the lines below, I am going to tell you some surprising facts about green tea.

1. Green Tea contains bio-active compounds

2. Green Tea makes you smarter

3. Green Tea improves physical performance

4. Lowers Risk of Cancer

5. Helps in overcoming cardio diseases

Now talking about the new trend of adding milk. As milk itself is filled with nutrients such as calcium and magnesium that helps you stay strong and makes you healthy. Calcium is needed mostly for your bones. Calcium and Vitamin D helps in preventing osteoporosis. It also improves the vision and helps you stay fit and healthy. Adding milk with green tea enhances the benefits and has a super effect on health as it will give you a refreshing start when you start your day with it. Combining the power of both of these drinks you can delay your aging process.

Up till now I’m sure that you will be wondering about how to make it and have a cup of green tea with milk. So I have decided to show you how you can make a rejuvenating green tea with milk. Here are the steps.

Things You Need

1 tsp green tea powder
2 tsp sugar
3 tbsp warm water
250ml or 300ml hot milk

The Method

1. Put the green tea powder and some spoons of sugar into a cup.

2. Add a glass of hot water and form the mixture by using a spoon unless a creamy green paste is obtained and ensure no lumps are formed..

3. Now you need put the warmed milk in the mug until the mug is half full. You can also add cold milk if you want to create a cold version.

4. Now you need to mix the paste until green color is obtained.

5. You can also spice your tea up by sprinkling your tea with some tea powder on the top.

So you had found out the way to make a refreshing green tea with milk that will help you stay fit and healthy and will also prevent the aging factors. If you care for yourself and want to live longer and healthier, this recipe will help you achieve these benefits. My suggestion to you is to have a cup daily in the morning so you can find the energy you need to spend your day.

Sencha – Organic Green Tea

What is Sencha?
Sencha is a Japanese term that refers to the tea grown in full sun. The tea is different from the other types of tea like gyokuro, genmaicha which represents tea grown under limited conditions of sunlight. Gyokuro is produced from tea leaves of the tea grown in shade for about 3 weeks and it is mostly used in Japanese tea ceremonies. However, sencha makes about 75% of the total Japanese tea production. Moreover, it is also considered to be the greatest, typical Japanese tea that appeals to all green tea fans world over. In addition, special production techniques are employed to ensure that the organic tea is of the best quality. This ensures that the tea retains the flavor and aroma of the dark green tea leaves used. Sencha tea is also said to contain antioxidants “catechins” and body relaxing elements. According to tea researchers, sencha has contributed to development of high aesthetic sensibilities in Japan.

Taste of Sencha Tea
Sencha is able to retain its balance of natural sweetness and astringency. Moreover, a fine, fresh quality is able to give a robust flavor while manifesting its organic nature without being bitter. However, the tea has to be correctly brewed for it to be a catchy drink. In addition, sencha leaves generally have a clear grassy and a sea-weed smell that distinguishes it from the Chinese green tea.

Sencha Production Process
After freshly picked leaves are taken to the factory, a number of processing steps take place. First, fanning and humidifying is done to avoid loss of quality and maintain the freshness of the tea leaves. This is because the process ensures that moisture is maintained and the heat given off is removed. The tea leaves are then steamed to stop the fermentation and the oxidizing action of the enzymes on the tea leaves. This helps to maintain the green color and also improve the odor. However, longer steaming of the leaves reduces fragrance and astringency. The steamed leaves are then cooled to preserve their bright color, flavor and aroma.

The cooled leaves are then pressed while being exposed to dry, hot air from a fan to enhance color, luster, aroma and flavor. This process helps in removing surface moisture and increasing the drying effect. The leaves then undergo first rolling process to reduce the internal moisture. This is by blowing dry, hot air over the leaves while also applying pressure. The next step is rolling and twisting, where the structure of the leaves is broken by pressing them in a bundle without applying heat. This ensures that the tea components are easily released when making tea. The leaves undergo the second and then the final rolling where they are able now to acquire their needle-like characteristic. Sencha leaves are further dried to reduce the moisture content from about 10-13% after final rolling to 5% to become crude tea.

The crude tea is still not considered a finished product yet despite going through the crude tea manufacturing processes.Therefore, it has to undergo secondary processing to be sold as a finished product. This ensures that it has adapted to the local customer tastes and can easily be stored. The processes involved in secondary processing include; sorting, pan drying, cutting, shaping, grading and electrical sensitivity.

How to make Sencha
To make Sencha, one should use a teaspoon of sencha for every 250-300 mils of water. The water used should be at around 80 degrees Celsius. The tea should then be allowed about 1-2 minutes to steep and not longer as this will make your brew bitter. This results in a sweet flavor and aroma as the tea leaves will not have lost their taste. Moreover, sencha tea should be stored well in an air-tight container to ensure that it remains fresh.

Sencha Recipes
There is a number of Sencha recipes that you can try in your home:
1. Strawberry Sencha Fresca – Here the cold water is replaced by an “agua fresca” with cold sencha for a summer antioxidant.
2. Green Tea Vodka Recipe- This adds a complex peppery taste that makes it ideal in mixing into cocktails.
3. Lemon-Ginger Sencha Recipe- This can be made hot or cold and it is mainly used as a cold remedy.
4. Green Tea Smoothie- This recipe can work with all types of tea especially with strawberries but sencha tastes better.
5. Sencha Cake Recipe- This is made from powdered sencha for green tea in your cake.
6. Green Tea Rice Soup- This is a delicious, healthy soup that can be made from rice leftovers and sencha.

Gunpowder Green Tea – An Explosive, Healthy Choice Tea

We all love a nice cup of tea, especially on a cold day or just to relax our nerves on a hot afternoon. When we look for tea we have to go for the best in the market, to suit our needs fully and also to come in a variety of flavors for the experimentive ones who have a knack for variety. Well, look no further, there is a variety that will sizzle your taste buds and leave you wanting more. It is none other than Gunpowder Green Tea, a type of tea from China whose leaves are rolled up into small sizes that resemble pellets to maintain the freshness and aroma, hence the English name, since the pellets actually resemble grains of black powder of guns used in ancient times. Gunpowder Green Tea was originally known as Zhu Cha or Pearl Tea and was first introduced in Taiwan during the 19th century and comes in an array of choices; Ceylon, Formosa and Pingshui.

Health Benefits
With such a name, it is easy to cringe in horror at the mention of it and assume it is a danger, but on the contrary, this tea has numerous health benefits. It has a component in it called polyphenol that makes one’s health better and assists the white blood cells to keep off diseases from the body. It also assists in combating complications of the heart, problems with the immune system, arthritis and it prevents rotting of the teeth. For those struggling with weight loss issues or just desiring to stay in shape, it is recommended since it aids in shedding off excess weight in the body. For caffeine lovers, this is the tea for you. It has more caffeine in it than other types of teas, making it an excellent stimulant. Though healthy, it is recommended that one should take it in moderation, two or three cups a day preferably, to prevent illnesses such as kidney stones.

Purchase & Distinguish
After learning the benefits of this wonderful beverage, the next question is where it is purchased. It is available in bulk in China, but that does not mean if you are not in China you can not treat yourself to Gunpowder Green Tea. All you have to do is go online and visit reputable websites in China that specialize in tea production and selling and make an order. An alternative would be to visit the beautiful country and purchase the tea first hand. It is imperative to know what to look for and how to distinguish it to make the right choice at the end of the day. It has been rolled into pellets and is dark in color though it is green originally. When prepared, it has an enticing flavor of smoke that lingers in the nostrils and explodes lightly when exposed to hot water. This is actually the chief distinguisher, since no other tea has this kind of flavor.

Preparation of this tea is a task that requires precision and utmost care since if you put in more ingredients than is required, it won’t have the required taste, and if less ingredients are blended under the wrong conditions, it is impossible to experience the full smoky flavor and copper taste in the mouth it leaves behind in the mouth. It is advisable to use a white cup for tea made of porcelain during preparation to see its authentic color. For the water, it should be 70 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Celsius and from a spring source since water from other sources, for example a tap, will not bring out the real taste of the tea. The apparatus used in preparing the tea should be rinsed in water that is hot for the tea to maintain a warm temperature. Gunpowder Green Tea easily dissolves in water, therefore it is not necessary to throw in an exaggerated amount into hot water. A teaspoon will do per tea pot. The more the tea is let to rest in the hot water, the stronger its flavor will be. The pellets spread out into large tea leaves in the water, releasing the scent of smoke in the air. When properly prepared, it has a yellow appearance. It is not necessary to incorporate milk and sugar into the concoction. It is enjoyed better without.

Gunpowder Green Tea, Pearl Tea, Zhu Cha…whichever name you prefer to use, is a welcome addition to the tea industry and is sure to better one’s life in more ways than one. All that has to be done is take it.

Is Anji White Tea a Green Tea?

Anji Bai Cha has been around for a long but if you have not heard about it worry no more. Although the name of might sound confusing, this tea is normally processed according to the normal green tea processing methodology. This means that it is not any different from green tea. White in this case refers to the Camelia Sinenses plant. This type of plant is whiter than other green tea plants that you will find in different parts of the world. Where is Anji Bai Cha produced? Just like the name of this tea suggests it is produced in Anji China. Anji is located in Zhejiang province that boasts of a population of around 450, 000 persons. The residents of this part of the world have taken advantage of the favorable conditions in order to produce this tea. The region is also known for the production of bamboo shoots, green tea and flowers just to mention some of them. The region has also been designated as a pilot county when it comes to green building construction.

How to Steep Anji White Tea?

This tea should be steeped at a very low temperature because it is highly delicate in nature. It is recommended that you steep the same at around 80  – 175 degree in order to realize optimal infusion from the same at the end of the day. It is recommended that steeping should take place around three minutes although this can be adjusted depending on the taste you would like to attain from the same in the long run.

Health Benefits of Anji White Tea

Anji tea has been proven to come with different health benefits that make it worth purchasing. Some of the benefits you will realize for buying this tea include but not limited to the following:

1. Anji tea has bioactive compounds for health improvement.

Anji tea is more than just any other beverage. Most of the bio active compounds contained in this tea find themselves in the final drink. It comes with a wide range of polyphenols such as catechins as well as flavonoids that boast of powerful antioxidants properties making the tea ideal for your health. These substances can assist in reducing the formation of free radicals in your body as well as protect your cells and molecules from any effect. The also contains some minerals that are also good for your health.

2. Improve brain functioning

The compounds in this tea are also responsible for making your smart by improving the functioning of your brain. The tea does more than just keeping you awake. It contains caffeine is one of the important nutrients that boost its effectiveness to your body. Caffeine has been undertaken through different tests and proven to play an immense role when it comes to the functioning of your brain among other benefits.

3. Soothing and relaxation effect

This tea boasts of a powerful soothing and relaxation feeling. When consumed, it will make you to feel relaxed than before.

4. Improves you physical performance

The tea is also ideal in boosting the rate of metabolism in your body and burning down of fats. Consumption of this tea will make you to perform better when it comes to different physical activities than you used to do before.

5. Lower different forms of cancer risks

Cancer has become very common in the modern days. Anji tea is among the plants with the ability of reducing your possibilities of suffering from different forms of cancer. The antioxidant properties of this tea make it an effective remedy for cancer. Some of the common forms of cancer controlled by anji tea include prostate, breast and colorectal cancer just to mention a few of them.

In conclusion, Anji white tea is a green tea. White refers to the whitish color of its leaves as well as the pale color of the brewed tea itself. Brewing of this tea normal takes place under low temperatures in order to attain the best outcome from the same. The tea boasts of amino acid as well as wonderful flavor that has made it even more popular among many users other there. The tea is known to have less chlorophyll when compared to other green teas that you are likely to find out there. The amino acids in the tea are responsible for the soothing and relaxing effect. The delicious taste of this tea is among the aspects that have made many people to prefer it over other types of tea.

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Longjing Has To Be The World’s Best Green Tea


Longjing tea, the best green tea in the world, has its origin in china in Longjing village close to Hangzhou in Zhejiang province. Sometimes people refer to it as dragon well tea. It is considered as the most popular tea for its high quality and great aroma. Long jing tea is hand produced earning it the title of the best green tea in the world.



The Long jing tea was given the name Gong Cha (Emperor tea) in the Qing dynasty of Kangxi Emperor, the legends claim that Qianlong Emperor (Kangxi’s grandson) on one of his popular holidays gave a visit to west lake, he proceeded to the Hu Gong temple and was welcomed with a cup of Long jing tea which was produced from the 18 tea bushes planted in front of the Hu Gong temple, he was deeply impressed by the tea produced in this area thus he gave the 18 tea bushes the status of Emperor.

The 18 tea bushes exist till today and their tea is sold at a very high price. Longjing which means dragon well is named after a well that has dense water and after the rains the light water float and forms curved and rotating boundary with the help of well water which is thought to look like the Chinese dragon’s movement.



After picking, Long jing tea leaves are roasted like other Chinese green tea this is done to put an end to oxidation which is essential in order to get black and oolong tea.

The action of enzymes come to a halt by heating the leaves in pans before they are totally dry. Longjing tea leaves undergo the lowest degree of oxidation, and when infused they bring out a yellow- green color.


The Longjing tea has the following nutrients to offer: vitamin C, amino acids and as it is the case with other fine Chinese green teas it contains the highest amount of catechins, this makes Longjing tea, the best green tea in the world.



1. Helps in weight loss

-Since it contains high amount of oxidants called catechins which is mixed with caffeine,Longjing increases the metabolism of the body and burns fat resulting to weight loss.

2. Relaxing tea

-Despite the fact that Longjing tea has caffeine it also contains amino acid named L-Theanine which aids in calming ones mind and still maintain to keep an individual lively and energetic.

3. Coffee substitute

-Since the caffeine contained in Longjing tea is not high this makes it a good coffee substitute, it keeps one lively and energetic.

4. Lowers the risk of cancer

-Apart from the antioxidants in the green tea burning fat they also protect one from growth of tumors which results to cancer.

-Improves an individual immune system by making it strong to fight diseases.

5. Protects against heart related diseases

-By including Longjing green tea in your daily meals it keeps away many diseases such as heart diseases this by decreasing cholesterol amounts and blood sugar levels which are dangerous to the health of a person.

– The antioxidants found in the Longjing tea gets rid of sugars and cleanses blood vessels making a person healthier.

6. Healthy smile

-This tasty drink aids in fighting dental problems such as bad breath and tooth decaying, with Longjing green tea a person does not have any reason to resist the urge to smile.



To get the best outcome use water at approximately 75-80 degrees Celsius to brew the tea, despite porcelain or glassware bieng used in steeping the tea the best item for brewing is Yixing clay tea pot which is popular among many for tea preparation.

One needs only 3 grams of Longjing for every cup or glass, pour the water cautiously to ensure the leaves rest at the bottom. The cup needs to be turned in a circular motion to let the tea distribute evenly. The tea is then left for 1-3 minutes so that the leaves can slowly rest at the bottom.



Finally, one can filter the tea and enjoy drinking this beneficial drink which lures an individual with it’s inviting aroma. No need to add sweeteners just enjoy Longjing in it’s most natural form.


With all this health benefits why not award your loved ones with Longjing green tea? let them enjoy the natural pleasure of Longjing with their meals while they keep off all the other sugary drinks, offer them this great green tea which also helps in digestion.

Why Green Tea is Good for You

Do you know the health benefits of this delicious drink known as green tea? Well, if your answer is no then you should try drinking it in order for you to reap all its benefits. The interesting thing is that you can easily purchase green tea in our stores. We value all our customers that why we provide quality brands of green tea. No need to panic where you can get the best green tea. Believe or not that this wonderful drink has a lot of health benefits. Green tea contains antioxidants and nutrients which are beneficial on the body. Without further ado, below are the reasons why green tea is good for you.

JKlost weight

1.It Helps to Lose Some Pounds Do you want to cut off weight? Well, the good news is that you can incorporate green tea on your diet and it will help you achieve your desired weight. They contain powerful properties which are useful to your body metabolism as they boost metabolic rate. This fantastic drink burns body fats hence promoting weight loss.



2.Lowers Cholesterol and Improve Blood flow

Green tea contains types of antioxidants known as Catechins. These compounds are helpful in taking care of cholesterol level and also the blood pressure. Once you consume this powerful drink, it will improve the flow of blood in your body. This would be a great benefit to you even as you grow old because you will be free from various heart-related complications. Good News! So if you want to reap the benefits of green tea don’t hesitate to buy it from our stores. You will easily get the amount of your choice at an affordable price.


3.Beneficial to Your Teeth as well as Your Mouth

It is true that the bacteria in your mouth may attack your teeth thus causing tooth cavities and decay. Do you know you can be able to prevent this? Just drink green tea and the compounds in it are helpful in killing those bacteria thus preventing them from damaging your teeth. Similarly, green tea puts off gum diseases. In addition to that, you will have a better breath in your mouth. This is because green tea has the potential of killing all the microbes that facilitate bad breath. This is wonderful! If you want to have a better breath at all times, just take a sip of this powerful drink called green tea.

JKrelax4.It Makes You feel Relaxed

In general, green tea improves your entire body health. In most cases, your brain functioning improves and this leads to a better relaxation of mind. If you have stress, make green tea your favorite drink. It will reduce your anxiety. Theanine is a compound found in green tea and it helps to reduce stress and makes you feel calm. So it is good to drink it when you feel your mind is stressed up.


Knowledge is power. You have known the reasons why you should drink green tea and it wise to note that all its benefits are good for your health. If you want to witness these benefits, don’t hesitate to purchase it and you will definitely enjoy its goodness.