How to brew matcha tea


Matcha tea is a unique green powder from Japan which is highly considered for drinking as tea, and is also believed to have medicinal value. While other green teas are developed all through the world, matcha is special to Japan. It is the heart of the Japanese method for tea and has been commended in the conventional Japanese tea service for many years. It is famous for various medical advantages. It is rich in supplements, cell reinforcements, fiber and chlorophyll. One glass of matcha is what might as well be called 10 glasses of green tea as far as healthful esteem and cancer prevention agent content.

Utensils we need

  1. High quality Matcha Tea (1-2g preferably)
  2. Medium size bowl or mug (there are customary Japanese matcha tea bowls for this)
  3. Bamboo whisk known as chasen. These come in every single distinctive style with various quantities of prongs. Normally the more prongs, the better the prongs, which will bring about a lighter and fluffier, more foamy crema on your matcha tea.
  4. A chasen, or a spoon will do as well.
  5. A little tea mesh strainer
  6. 75 mls of boiling water at 70-80c degrees. In case you don’t have a thermometer, heat up the water, then empty it into a mug and let it cool for around 5 minutes. (Never pour bubbling water straight onto your matcha, it consumes the sensitive plant structure, and results in loss of the supplements in the tea)



  1. Filter the matcha tea utilizing the mesh strainer and a bamboo whisk into the bowl. You ought to move the chasen over the powder tenderly forward and backward, pushing it through gradually. Matcha is extremely sensitive and each progression you ought to approach with a touch of care.
  2. Pour your heated water (not boiling) on the matcha powder. Again pout it gradually and delicately, generally the matcha powder can spill all over the place.
  3. Whisk the matcha and water together relentlessly. To create foam you should do this somewhat rapidly, keeping in mind the end goal is to get air through the tea and deliver the air pockets, Take note of the matcha powder never genuinely “breaks down” into the water, it’s more similar to being suspended in the water.
  4. When you have a layer of foam on top, delicately drag your speed forward and backward and pop any bigger air pockets. There shouldn’t be any huge air pockets, only a reliable, smooth, rich layer of foam left on top.



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