Is Anji White Tea a Green Tea?

Anji Bai Cha has been around for a long but if you have not heard about it worry no more. Although the name of might sound confusing, this tea is normally processed according to the normal green tea processing methodology. This means that it is not any different from green tea. White in this case refers to the Camelia Sinenses plant. This type of plant is whiter than other green tea plants that you will find in different parts of the world. Where is Anji Bai Cha produced? Just like the name of this tea suggests it is produced in Anji China. Anji is located in Zhejiang province that boasts of a population of around 450, 000 persons. The residents of this part of the world have taken advantage of the favorable conditions in order to produce this tea. The region is also known for the production of bamboo shoots, green tea and flowers just to mention some of them. The region has also been designated as a pilot county when it comes to green building construction.

How to Steep Anji White Tea?

This tea should be steeped at a very low temperature because it is highly delicate in nature. It is recommended that you steep the same at around 80  – 175 degree in order to realize optimal infusion from the same at the end of the day. It is recommended that steeping should take place around three minutes although this can be adjusted depending on the taste you would like to attain from the same in the long run.

Health Benefits of Anji White Tea

Anji tea has been proven to come with different health benefits that make it worth purchasing. Some of the benefits you will realize for buying this tea include but not limited to the following:

1. Anji tea has bioactive compounds for health improvement.

Anji tea is more than just any other beverage. Most of the bio active compounds contained in this tea find themselves in the final drink. It comes with a wide range of polyphenols such as catechins as well as flavonoids that boast of powerful antioxidants properties making the tea ideal for your health. These substances can assist in reducing the formation of free radicals in your body as well as protect your cells and molecules from any effect. The also contains some minerals that are also good for your health.

2. Improve brain functioning

The compounds in this tea are also responsible for making your smart by improving the functioning of your brain. The tea does more than just keeping you awake. It contains caffeine is one of the important nutrients that boost its effectiveness to your body. Caffeine has been undertaken through different tests and proven to play an immense role when it comes to the functioning of your brain among other benefits.

3. Soothing and relaxation effect

This tea boasts of a powerful soothing and relaxation feeling. When consumed, it will make you to feel relaxed than before.

4. Improves you physical performance

The tea is also ideal in boosting the rate of metabolism in your body and burning down of fats. Consumption of this tea will make you to perform better when it comes to different physical activities than you used to do before.

5. Lower different forms of cancer risks

Cancer has become very common in the modern days. Anji tea is among the plants with the ability of reducing your possibilities of suffering from different forms of cancer. The antioxidant properties of this tea make it an effective remedy for cancer. Some of the common forms of cancer controlled by anji tea include prostate, breast and colorectal cancer just to mention a few of them.

In conclusion, Anji white tea is a green tea. White refers to the whitish color of its leaves as well as the pale color of the brewed tea itself. Brewing of this tea normal takes place under low temperatures in order to attain the best outcome from the same. The tea boasts of amino acid as well as wonderful flavor that has made it even more popular among many users other there. The tea is known to have less chlorophyll when compared to other green teas that you are likely to find out there. The amino acids in the tea are responsible for the soothing and relaxing effect. The delicious taste of this tea is among the aspects that have made many people to prefer it over other types of tea.

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