Top 10 Health Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea, which is a natural coolant, a type of herbal tea, which is well known to offer multiple health benefits. This is why the ancient Chinese used it to treat multiple health conditions.The Chinese knew that having a soothing cup of this golden brown tea would do the magic in one’s health. Hence let’s take a look at the different chrysanthemum tea benefits, its recipe, and the possible side effects in this article.

Chrysanthemum Tea Nutrition

Its made from tisane, which is dried or fresh flower and foliage from the white or yellow variety of chrysanthemum. It contains rich sources of vitamin B, that is riboflavin which prevents abdominal structural changes and facilitates body slimming; niacin that aids in the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and systema nervosum; choline that helps with fat metabolism and folacin that improves reproduction and cell development.
It contains high levels of β-carotene, usually, they are found in herbs and yellow fruits. Its a form of vitamin A that aids in boosting the body immunity, address key skin ailments, and more so prevent eye issues that are related to age and advanced eye blindness issues.

It has vitamin C that protects one in eye diseases, common cold, prevent scurvy and other ailments. In addition, the chrysanthemum is also packed with multiple minerals such as magnesium which helps with many operations in our body, calcium for strong bones and teeth, potassium which aids in cardiovascular function and regulating body pressure, and iron for transporting oxygen by blood. There are also traces of glycosides, adenine, and amino acids.

1. Its caffeine free in nature, hence there are no caffeine side effects such as tension, anxiety, nervousness, irritation, and confusion.
2. It is a natural coolant, hence lowers the body temperature, when someone suffers from heat stroke or fever. It also aids in treating acne and pimples that are heat related. It also cures discomforts of high         temperature such as throbbing nerves in the gums, headaches, and slight toothaches.
3.Chrysanthemum tea is also useful in liver detoxification and reducing cholesterol levels in the body
4. The tea also helps in curing coronary artery disease, varicose veins and even blocked arteries.
5. Due to its stimulating property, it helps in rejuvenating the brain and alerting the senses. It stimulates the senses quickly and calms down the nerves.
6. Aids in easing giddiness.
7. Aids in reducing redness in the eyes, dryness in the eyes, itchiness in eyes, dark spots around the eye area and relief in sore throats.
8. Helps in strengthening the lungs hence reducing respiratory problems such as shortness of breath.
9. helps ease digestion especially when taken during lunch or dinner times with oily foods.
10.Due to its antiviral properties, it helps reduce head congestion problems which are usually viral related infections.

Chrysanthemum Tea Side Effects

It is recommended to drink this tea often since its a safe tea to many people, it is also advisable to give it to kids for drinking occasionally. However, its good note that some individuals are allergic to chrysanthemum plant sap and develop skin allergies when they come into contact with it. So one should not drink this tea when they realize they have a reaction when they come into contact with the foliage, thorns or its juice.

Chrysanthemum Tea Recipe

The simple recipe for making chrysanthemum tea is by brewing it, here you add three to 5 grams chrysanthemum flowers (dried) to very hot water and leave it there for around five to seven minutes or so. From just the above simple procedure, you are able to get a delightful flowery flavor that is invigorating.

The beverage is often experimented during meals time since it usually helps in digestion of various meals. One can also make the brew with a bit of honey or rock sugar, cane sugar, orange wolfberries, silvered Chinese licorice and ginger root.

Like the Chinese, one can also use the chrysanthemum tisane, where one adds five to six flowers to hot water in a tall glass, then after the dry buds start to look like fresh ones, then it is consumed immediately. One can also add translucent rock sugar to the water and allow it to completely dissolve before bolling for it to have a sweet taste. This mixture is not often consumed completely since many individuals use about two-thirds of it and then refill the glass with hot boiling water.

Chrysanthemum Tea is safe and healthy to drink and its recommended for use instead of using the carbonated, high-calorie types.

Health Benefits of Rose Bud Tea

For more than 5000 years, rose bud tea has been a part of Chinese medicine. Rose bud tea is also knows as the lady’s tea because it affects women in a very specific way. This tea can help balance endocrine disorders and reduce breast tenderness. It is also great when it comes to balancing the mind.

Healthy Benefits

Rose bud tea is great for clearing many different toxins. If you would like to help your bladder and kidneys in a very nice and natural way, then you should drink rose bud tea on a daily basis. Drinking rose bud tea can also help to prevent many different infections.

Rose bud tea is full of various antioxidants, healthy compounds, and Vitamin C. These things are great when it comes to destroying various infections and bacteria. Just one or two cups of rose bud tea can help to reduce your chance of catching an infection in a big way. However, just in case that you do catch an infection, drinking rose bud tea will make the healing process faster.

Not only does the rose bud tea benefit your physical health, but your mental health as well. Rose bud tea is known to help improve your nervous system and fight the depression. In other words, rose bud tea can help you to find your inner peace. Drinking rose bud tea regularly will make your chance of suffering from many different nervous system disorders much lower. You can use this tea as a mild sedative.

If you are suffering from stomach disorders, drinking rose bud tea is going to help you. Drinking rose tea is also going to treat various other intestinal disorders as well.

Another great thing about rose bud tea is that is does not contain any caffeeine. This is great news for you if you already drink coffee because you are not going to add more caffeeine to your daily routine than you should. Rose bud tea is great for helping a stuffed nose. Drinking rose bud tea throughout the day is going to help your runny nose and improve your breathing.

These are just some of the health benefits of drinking rose bud tea. Another great thing about this tea is that not only that it is healthy, but it also smells and tastes great.

How to Brew Rose Tea

For every 500ml of water, use about two teaspoons of rose bud tea. For the first two brewings, use hot water to steep for 4-5 minutes at 95℃. That is all that you need to do. For further brews, you can increase the time and temperature.

The Origin of Red Rose Tea

Real rose buds are used for making the red rose bud tea. Ping Ying County in China is the place where you can find the red rose buds used for making this tea.

About Chinese Herbal Tea

Chinese Herbal teas are great for your health. They can help you to fight against many different infections and bacteria. You just need to choose the right herbal tea. And you are going to be satisfied if you choose the rose bud tea. It really is the right choice, and besides having many different health benefits, it also has a great smell and taste.