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  • 2010 Shang Pin (Bulang) Old Tree Ripe Pu Erh Tea-200g/cake, Connoisseur Pu Er Tea

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2010 Shang Pin (Bulang) Old Tree Ripe Pu Erh Tea-200g/cake, Connoisseur Pu Er Tea

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    Tee tree: Pure big tree(arbor) Pu Er tea

    Harvest time: 2010 spring

    Picking standard: One bud with two leaves

    Shape: tight, fat, plump

    Dried tea color: dark brown color

    Aroma: deep aroma with light measona aroma as well

    Tea soup color: dark and clean color

    Taste: smooth, soft and mellow taste with long lasting sweetness; also have herbal aroma

    N.W: 200g/cake

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    Bulang Puer - Shang Pin Old Tree Ripe Pu Er Tea


    Bulang Puer - Shang Pin old tree ripe pu'er tea from Bulang mountain in Menghai is famous for its super sweetness after a short bitterness, thick tea taste and high mountain flavor. So that is why people describe Bulang Puer is the most aggressive tea among all the Pu Er tea in Yunnan.


    Bulang minority is called as Pupeople in ancient China, who were good at cultivating tea wherever they lived. It has been almost one thousand year long that Bulan minority live in the Bulang mountain. Besides, there are still some other minorities living in Bulang Mountains, such as La Gu minority, Ha Ni minority and Han Majority. So far, Bulang mountains has about 6.5million square meters of ancient old trees with average age of over 200 years.


    This Bulang Puer is adopted the new piling fermentation techniques, which is fermented under a special-made bamboo basket, which is unlike the traditional piling fermentation in the slot/trough; we define this new fermentation method as basket piling fermentation. Hence, ever for the new ripe Pu Er tea, the fermentation smell in the ripe Pu Er tea does not exist at all.


    No Fermentation smell plus all the big tea tree Maocha makes the Bulang Puer rarest tea in the world. Super soft, smooth, mellow tea taste with long-lasting sweetness. You probably will intoxicate in each sipping. The aroma, we describe is the traditional Chinese Mesona arom(Liang Fen Cao), which is quite pleasing.



    As to its taste, it is also the mesona taste with sweetness. It will be more obvious after the tea is cool. The taste of ripe Pu Er tea will be better and smoother after it is not so warm.