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  • Matcha Whisk Chasen-100 Prongs, Hand-made

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Matcha Whisk Chasen-100 Prongs, Hand-made

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    Matcha Tea

    Chasen - Bamboo Hand-made

    Bamboo matcha whisk Chasen is completely hand-made by skillful Master craftsman in Zhejiang province. Made from Jin Bamboo(golden bamboo), unlike other Bai bamboo(white bamboo), this Chasen bristles wont get twisted easily and is very durable to use. Chasen bamboo whisk is an essential utensil of Dian Chain Chinese Song Dynasty. As time goes by, people in Song Dynasty change their drinking habits to loose leaf tea and rarely use chasen. Then the tea ware Chasen was introduced into Japan, improved by tea specialist, used to whisk matcha. Nowadays chasen has become a necessary utensil in Japanese tea ceremony. Find Japanese green tea powder here: Japanese organic-certified Imperial Ceremony Matcha. 100 fringes (bristles) Chasen is super goos to make the frothy thin Matcha (Usucha) for Japanese tea ceremony or daily drink as well.

     bamboo chasen

    Matcha tea whisk catagories


    Bai bamboo whisk (white bamboo)

    Jin bamboo whisk (golden bamboo)

    Zi bamboo whisk (purple bamboo)

    Lao bamboo whisk (old bamboo)



    Long chasen (长柄茶筅,45 prongs)

    Ye Dian (野点,50 fringes)

    Chang Sui (常穗,60 fringes)

    Shu Sui (数穗,70 fringes)

    Whisk 80 Fringes (八十本立)

    Whisk 100 Fringes (百本立)

    Whisk 120 Fringes (百二十本立)

    whisk for matcha

    Chasen making process (Handmade)

    1. To begin with, a small section of raw bamboo, selected for its appearance and suitability, is cut to the required length. Initially the skin from the top half of the bamboo is gently peeled away.

    2. The bamboo section is then split into 16 equal parts. The segments are bent backwards.

    3. Each segment is split, separating the hard outer skin from the soft inner portion. The soft flesh is then removed leaving the basic shape of the chasen bamboo whisk.

    4. The segments are divided again, resulting in the final number of bristles required. The bristles are shaved to taper them. The basic shape of the whisk is now complete.

    5. The bristles are curled to improve their whisking properties. Each bristle is individually shaved to stop powdered tea from attaching to it. Thread is used to separate the whisks inner and outer bristles.

    6. More checking to remove any remaining roughness. A second threading. Final shaping of the whisk. The bamboo tea whisk is then handed back to the master for a final check before completion                                                                                                                                     

     Chasen making process

    chasen packing