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Chinese Kung Fu Tea

A brief introduction to Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu tea (sometimes called Gong Fu tea) makes tea his given name, the name given to the traditional Chinese way of doing this tea, not the kind of tea. All day tea is the method used when talking about "traditional Chinese tea ceremony" and very important for the quality and variety of instruments used by itself 'celebrated' with the quality of the tea itself. It is the way to work!

Although it originated from Kung Fu tea has been under discussion (with different areas seeking to be a pioneer of Kung Fu tea) other Kung Fu tea shows originated from the Song Dynasty. During the Ming Dynasty after Kung Fu tea became popular and prevalent in many parts of China, especially in Fujian, Guangdong, and Taiwan.

Because of the volume as a whole on the tea used in the tea Kung Fu tea ceremony usually produces concentrate, which can be a bit bitter for new users. Kung Fu process is generally used only for oolong tea and Pu-erh tea, Tieguanyin, Narciso and Bush Phoenix. It should never be used for white or green tea.

The origins of Kung Fu tea

It is said that the origins of kung fu tea was from Chaozhou. Mid Chaozhou Kung Fu tea not (karate/knowledge of tea), but not in Mandarin, which is used only Chaozhou dialect. If Kung Fu tea was popular, easy to use homonymy Mandarin speakers use to replace the original, which can cause confusion. The difference is that the Mandarin term, the ability, and effort, but long Chaozhou designates as nothing more than "doing things right track."

How to to prepare Gongfu (Kung Fu) tea

The utensils needed to make this tea consist of cast iron teapots, cauldron and cast iron grates for the preheating and boiling process of the tea, small cups as well as griddle for serving it. The kettle commonly used is called tetsubin. This kettle is unique for its intricate and exquisite designs. Compared to a regular teaware, this Chinese tea set is also smaller and more delicate.

This tea tea is done by boiling spring water, and adding it to the teapot with the tea leaves. One common leaf that is used to make a kung fu tea is the oolong. It is known for its strong bitter flavor. The number of oolong depends on the person's preference. To reduce the bitterness of the tea, it's a good idea to use a small amount of leaves only and infuse it for a few minutes.

There are many ways to prepare a kung fu tea and this one is pretty basic. If you are considering of making yourself a kung fu tea, then it's a good idea to start with this version. Because of its bitter taste, you may also want to use a few leaves until you get used to the taste. You can then use several leaves, if you want. Kung Fu tea is as much about the shape and enjoys the process as a tea, actually begins with the right set of tea. Kung Fu tea alcohol normally uses a small pot and cups, always richly decorated and designed. Make Kung Fu tea requires water to drain everything, and also requires the use of "cup of tea" - compartment used to get all the water and tea, which are used during the process. If you see some JKTEASHOP tea sets, see art Kung fu on and it really is a fantastic way to improve tea - is making a real celebration.


In short, Kung Fu tea is prepared by boiling hot water teapot that has a tea. Besides, there is also a method to share when it comes to preparing and serving tea as well as pouring into cups at a maximum or minimum. Sweeping and cleaning as well as key elements of their own. Teapots, for example, should be washed with soap and water for it to lose its ability to absorb odors tea. It is also the best regular season teapots and repeated heating them in the oven for a time as an hour

At least one set of kung fu tea has cups and a teapot, "thrower" tray (sometimes called tureen - used to decant the teapot before pouring into trays) and infusion tray. Kung Fu tea fixed common good also for these filters add (handle cups used to avoid arms) pincers, plate or spoon dry tea, tea towels, luxury towels, fragrance "cups" special tea, not to drink). lists continue!

Although there are some minor differences methods for different sets of kung fu brewing tea, but the basic process is the same.

1. The first step is to take the tea leaves in a spoon and let yourself tempt their taste for your guests. Although it may seem small, it is an integral part of real tea ceremony and shows the importance of the Chinese space both in taste and flavor of the tea.

2. Rinse the empty boiling water and hot tea fresh.

3. Put the appropriate amount of tea leaves in a teapot.

4. Now it's time to add water. Pour boiling water into the teapot and make sure you fill full potential. The proper way to add water in a traditional ceremony is to increase the water level in the reasons advanced, very good rinse water for tea. Then use the argument of the pot lid, small pieces of foam or tea could have floated on the surface. 5. If you have a common table, then you should pour tea into a bowl.

6. Now you have to warm the cups, boiler water, no clean water. In Kung Fu Tea, the first tea infusion is used to wash the cups and the fire, do not drink!

Now is the time to make tea drinking. Fill the pot with hot water, back up. This time, however, pour in a pan lid, then over boiling water in a pot of tea to keep warm the teapot.

7. It was after tea soaked with a fair amount of time you want to pour tea. If you have a bowl, pour the tea first, otherwise pour directly into the cups. Note that adding tea cups that you want to include and add the tea cups and any proceeding in a circle, instead of every one cup after another filling. This ensures that the strength of the tea is the same in every cup. As you complete each glass individually, the first drink becomes weaker, while the second is stronger than tea.

Serving Kung fu tea

Serving cups need to be dried on a towel, then put it to the plate and give to your guests, or in case your Tea does saucers, only directly provide cups. Chinese tea ceremony precision studio, which is supposed to be done and make a cup or plate with both hands to show respect. When it comes to drinking tea in fact, as with everything in kung fu tea, there is good and evil. First, you want only a small amount of tea and taste in the mouth for a while to make sure the taste of the tea experience guarantee. Then, when you are ready to drink tea, you can go in the cup remains empty enjoy the smell of tea

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