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All About Chinese Pu Erh Tea - JK Tea Shop 

What is Pu Erh?

Pu Erh is something you may hear. We will try to make it close to you what is it and basically all about the tea. This is not just the regular tea, it is a variety of fermented tea. It is produced in Yunnan province according to Wikipedia. It is named after the town Pu Erh that is based in China. It is made when the leaves are been dried and rolled. Heicha means dark or black tea and that is how this is translated. This is not the same as the traditional black tea which is called hong cha or red tea. Pu erh tea is very popular in China and it is one of the most valuable in the entire field of tea. 

The difference between raw Pu'er and ripe Pu Erh

Raw Pu Erh can be categorised under wet storage and dry storage. The ageing of this type of tea goes very slowly and it is much more complex. It is mainly kept in the dry and appropriate humidity conditions. This climate conditions will allow the tea to age slowly. Based on the environment the tea can develop different tastes. The main difference is that this tea is not going through the pilling procedure. This will allow the producer to store it naturally while the Ripe Pu erh must go through the pilling process which makes a different flavour. 

Popular raw pu erh:

2005 Xiaguan "Wild Tree" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

2013 First Flush Spring 600 Years Old Single Old Tree (Dan Zhu) Raw Pu-erh

Popular ripe pu erh:

2003 Dayi Jia Ji Ripe Pu-erh Tuo Cha

2009 Dayi "Gong Tuo" Ripe Pu-erh Tea

 Pu Erh Brewing Tips


Which Pu Erh is best for weight loss?

Many people are having problems with the weight. It is one of the biggest problems in the whole world. However, if you look at the Chinese nation then you will see not they just live long, they look slim and fat-free. The secret may be the Pu-erh tea. The fresh tea has a larger impact on the weight than the cooked. The cooked may be good for your stomach. Not every tea has this effect, even some of the most popular products can’t really beat this unique tea. But what is most important is the proper time of having the tea and proper consumption. The both teas are working, just the raw seems to work much quicker than the ripe one. You can drink both of them, in fact, it is recommended to drink one in the morning and one after the noon. 

How much Pu Erh for weight loss?

Knowing that this tea can help you get rid of the weight problems may not be enough. A lot of people are making mistakes and take it whenever they feel like. Some of them think that the more you take, the more you will lose weight. It will help you lost pounds and it is not a secret anymore you just need to know when to use it. Some studies showing as that people gain weight by taking the tea at the wrong time. According to the people that used this method the best way to drink the tea is one hour after the meal. This will remove unwanted mass from your body. Drinking the tea just a half hour before the appropriate time will cause you gain weight. The ideal proportion will be one gram of tea and fifty milligrammes of Pu-erh tea. Be careful, this may not work for you. Adjust the amounts according to your body, not every person is the same and we all have different metabolisms. This tea is not working for a day or two, it is a very long process and it will help you not just with your weight, but with your energy. You will start to feel healthier and eventually, the weight will burn out. It is important to know that you must change your habits of eating. You can’t expect to eat pizza and lose weight. You need to start the diet and eat healthy products like vegetables and fruits. This doesn’t mean that you need to starve, you just need to take appropriate amounts of food and eat healthy. Exercise will be just a plus, walking and you may feel the hunger, but you can stop that with salad or fruits. When your organism gets used to diet then you will be fine. 

What does Pu Erh taste like?

Now you know how to lose your weight and you may start with your diet. But wait a second. How does it really tastes? Let me introduce you with that. This may be not what you expected. You may be used to your chamomile sweet taste. Well, I must warn you that this is not what you want to smell. That is the simple truth. You are ready to try it while you sit back at your home watching your favourite show. You cooked your expensive tea and boom it hits you like a bat in your neck. It has a taste like you are drinking dirt of your yard. The process of oxidation gives the Pu-erh tea unique flavour. Some people are saying that the taste can be compared with shoes. A lot of people are giving up from the tea because of its unique taste. If you can get over it then you will get many benefits from it.

Lao Cha Tou Pu Erh                                  Xin Banzhang Raw Pu erh

2011 Menghai "Lao Cha Tou" Ripe Pu-erh Tea                       2014 Xin Banzhang Raw Pu-erh Loose Leaves Tea (Old Tree)


Why Tea Lovers Go Crazy for Pu Erh

This tea is like no other, you must agree. Not that it stands out with its unique flavour and smell, but it has a strange design. It comes in different shapes and sizes and on the some, you can see Chinese words. Did you know that Chinese government has protected the product? But why tea addicts are crazy about it. It has simply great growing history and overall healing benefits. It is good for your stomach, your vital organs. It gives you energy and it looks strange. The different shapes allowing the tea to be transported across the world. It has the price of a gold and it is really worth it. Taste of a little bitterness is like caviar at the party. It is maybe of it’s great harvesting process or something else. What about drinking time. There are three of them that may interest you. Young, aged and ripe. That is the long tradition and they seems to love it. 

Why drink Pu Erh?

There are many health benefits if you are willing to try this tea. Many people went crazy for Pu erh tea just for its health benefits. It contains polyphenols which are working like an antioxidant. They are burning your fat and release you from stress. It can renew your cells and theanine along with the flavoids are helping you with the digestion. Again, the fermentation process is the one that will give you the health benefits to your body. The fermentation process produces micro-organisms that are good for the organism. 


The recent studies have shown that aging of the tea produces the lovastatin. Lovastatin appears to cure the high cholesterol. The longer you consume Pu-erh it will make your bad cholesterol lower and it will increase good cholesterol.

Good for blood and digestion

As you know the Chinese tradition is known for the spiritual side. So this tea follows it. Blood cleansing and digestion are what this tea does. Our blood over time will gather some radicals and acids from the food we eat. This toxin will remain in our blood and the Pu erh tea can get rid of them. The digestion can be the real problem if you are used to heavy meals and using the tea will help you create some of the good bacteria which will stimulate better digestion.

Weight loss

We already mentioned above that this tea will significantly help you with your weight. It can stop the body of producing unwanted fat and caffeine that Pu erh contains will tell your body to secrete the hormones that increase mobilization of stored fat.

Stress reduces and sweet dreams

You would say that this can't be true. It has some caffeine in there, how can it help you with your sleep? The answer is GABA and theanine are both working to release you from stress and help you with your sleep. 

Prevent illness 

Pu erh tea can prevent some of the diseases. Antioxidants will help you with the fight of free radical molecules. This will prevent diseases and you will stay healthy.

 Pu erh tasting

When to drink Pu Erh?

Well, it really depends. The best time will be one hour after launch, but that may not be completely true. The studies are showing us that the consumption of the tea before the meals will also help you of getting a few pounds off. The China is where the tea is coming from so it would be nice to ask them about the drinking. So it is done, they claim that it is best to drink the tea one hour after the meal. The real catch is they didn't say anything about the weight loss. They said you can drink it when you think the appropriate time is. Drinking the Pu-erh tea one hour after the meal may cause some inappropriate digestion problems. The Chinese government advice as to drink it two hours after the meal. It will not cause problems and you will be fat-free. After all, it is better to drink the tea, than to reach out for the candy.

How to choose Pu Erh?

There are several ways of choosing the Pu erh tea. You can simply go to the nearest shop and ask for the Pu erh tea. This is not simple as you think, there are a lot of scams and you may be convinced by a seller and in the end, buy something that is simply just not worth it. This few next steps will help you how to choose the real and best for your money.

Packaging is very important and this tea is stored in some dark place where is the dry and cool area. It must be away from other aromas, commonly it is wrapped in the paper and it may come in different shapes.

The smell of the tea should remind you of tea, it should be clear and the feel of the aroma may vary. This is due to the age of the tea, perhaps you may smell some mold and this should be the sign this is not a good tea. 

The color is another thing that can help you decide if it is the good tea. The really good tea should have some red color. The black is the sign ti stay away, also the yellow or white is not good. The tea should never contain holes in it.

Xiaguan pu erh                          2009 Jinggu Wenshan Village Big Tree Raw Pu erh                            2009 Spring Jinggu Purple Bud Big Tree Raw Pu Er

2010 Xiaguan "Wild Tree" Raw Pu-erh     2009 Jinggu Wenshan Village Big Tree Raw Pu-erh       2009 Jinggu Purple Bud Big Tree Raw Pu-erh


How to break Pu Erh?

To break pu-Erh tea you may use the letter opener. It will serve you well, just be very careful. You may easily hurt yourself. Another thing is that you must be careful not to damage the leaves. The toothpick is also a good way to break things up. Bamboo is a specialized knife for breaking the tea, it comes with the tray where you will put your cake. The proper way is to break it into smaller pieces. The process starts when you unwrap the cake. Then you must insert the tool and work your way around it. That is all just break it into smaller pieces and you can cook it.

How to brew Pu Erh?

There are many tutorials that you can find on the internet. Many videos will help you. If you are a beginner it may represent you a certain dose of complication. Believe me, it is not complicated at all. Teapots, hot water, cups, and tea is all you need. Use boiled water and break the tea and place it in the teapot. The measure is one gram for every 15 ml of water. The leaves will expand so don’t worry if it looks like a few leaves. Now rinse the tea with the boiling water and pour the water in the other glass. Sheer the tea with water. The tea is ready after the steep. Pour it into the glass and drink. Or use the cups, it will look more elegant.

 Keep Pu-erh Tea

How to keep Pu Erh?

The method of storing the tea may vary. It depends on your plan. Are you going to have it for a long time or right away? It is expensive tea so it would be good to have it stored properly. Otherwise, you throw away your money. Young tea is far less expensive than aged tea. The ideal conditions are dry places with proper humidity. Do not mix green and black, you will ruin the flavor. You can even repair the tea by taking it outside and leave it in the shade for a couple of days. If there is no help break it straight away in pieces. There is even special pottery for this tea. This will persevere the aroma. Plastic package is bad for storing the tea, this will completely ruin the flavor. Carton box is also a good solution, but remember that you keep it away from the sunlight. The ideal conditions are the: humidity 50 to 70 percents. Temperature between twenty or 30 degrees. Clean place and proper airflow will contribute to preserving unique aromatic flavor.

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