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Da Hong Pao Tea - Nature's Perfect Gift To The World

Da Hong Pao


1. What is Da Hong Pao

Da Hong Pao is a dark type of oolong tea that is grown in the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province. The tea origin is therefore in China. It is known as Big Red Robe in English. It has this unique name because legend has it that it cured an emperor's mother of a chronic illness. The Emperor of a Ming dynasty was so pleased that he had his officials clothe the bushes that the cure came from in big red robes. Hence, the name stuck. It's also referred to as Hong Pao Big Red Robe and Pao Big Red Robe.

It is China's famous Wulong tea and is actually the perfect mix of leaves of a tea maker from the rich leaves of the Wu Yi bushes. This perfect tea is a product of intense experimentation and devoted tasting by tea samplers. It is also drunk in Hong Kong, America and other parts of the world. They can be obtained from a tea plant or tea tree.

For preservation purposes, picking of tea leaves from the great ancient bushes is no longer permitted. The tea that is drunk today comes from tea gardens that are a result of clippings of the tea bushes. Its varying color makes it classified in the black teas and green teas categories.


2. Brewing Tips

Da Hong Pao

You can either use a teapot, yixing or gaiwan when brewing Da Hong Pao. You'll need some hot water, some Da Hong Pao tea leaves, the container you intend to use and a cup. If it's a teapot, fill it and the cup with the water to a half-level. The aim of this is to warm them up. Mix the water inside them so that they can be wet all around, then pour the water from both containers. Afterward, add some tea leaves into the teapot. Da Hong Pao teas vary in color depending on the number of tea leaves you use and the steeping time.

The amount depends on your preferred taste. Then, fill the pot with some hot water and cover it up for the water to act on the leaves. Let it steep for about a minute and a half, then pour it into the cup and enjoy your tea. Generally, Da Hong Pao is sweet, so you don't need any tea accessories. After the first infusion, you don't have to dispose of the leaves. They can be used for up to 8 more infusions.


3. When is the best time to drink

Da Hong Pao is the type of tea that once you sample, you want more of it. But it should be drunk in the morning when you need some energy to keep you going and some moderate amount of caffeine to keep you alert throughout the day. You can also choose to drink it at night if you wish to stay up all night. Bear in mind that Da Hong Pao is a tea that costs a lot of money, so you would want to drink it sparingly.

4. Taste steep

Da Hong Pao isone of the few Chinese black teas that have a pleasant taste. It doesn't have that raw-tea taste that may put you off. On the contrary, it has an inviting sweet taste that gets better with each infusion. It also has a flowery taste similar to that of pu erh teas. If you're an absolute sweetness addict, you could enhance its flavor with some sugar or similar sweetener. The nice taste plus the welcoming floral aroma are enough to summon even the pickiest sampler for a taste.


5. How to steep

The best way to steep Da Hong Pao tea is by enclosing the leaves in a pot of hot water for some time. The more time you allow to steep, the better. Tea masters recommend one minute of steeping in order to extract the complete flavor from the leaves. There's no harm in extending by a minute if you wish to improve the results. It's best to use a smaller teapot because a small amount of the leaves produce just the right taste. Plus, you'll use fewer leaves for more infusions.

6. How to identify

Da Hong Pao


Identifying Da Hong Pao tea leaves is quite simple. Since the leaves are rolled by hand and roasted in a tea house, look out for distinct rolled up leaves with a dark color. The color can either be dark brown, dark red or greenish brown.


7. Is it for weight loss?

This organic tea is ideal for weight loss. Having a cup of it frequently improves your metabolism rate. In addition, drinking Da Hong Pao tea boosts digestion, enabling your stomach to remove fats and other waste from your system. If you're working out, the caffeine in this glorious tea will give you the strength to successfully shed off that extra weight.

When compared to other teas such as pu erh, rou gui, white tea, yan cha, which is a rock tea that grows on the Wu Yi rock and other Wu Yi rock teas, Da Hong Pao has more benefits and is highly revered today despite the fact that very few ancient bushes have survived. Apart from cash, most stores also take gift cards in exchange for the fine tea. Here you can find it on Online Shop.

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