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  • Dancong - Premium Mt. Wudong Mi Lan Xiang (Honey Orchid) Oolong Tea-50g

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Dancong - Premium Mt. Wudong Mi Lan Xiang (Honey Orchid) Oolong Tea-50g

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    Name: Dancong - Premium Mt. Wudong Mi Lan Xiang (Honey Orchid) Oolong Tea

    Original: Gonghou village in Mt Wudong, Chaozhou, Guangdong province

    Harvest time: 2017 spring

    Picking standard: Two or three half-matured tea leaves

    Dried tea color: Bloom dark color with some dark brown hue

    Shape: Tight bar shaped tea leaves

    Aroma: Natural and fresh unique floral & honey fragrance

    Taste: Freshness, mellow, thickness, unique flower taste with strong Chaqi

    Tea soup color: Bright golden yellow with super high transparency

    Storage: Store the teas in aluminium bags/tins without any oxygen inside, no odor and low moisture

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    Dancong - Premium Mi Lan Xiang

    This premium Mi Lan Xiang Dancong is from the Gonghou village(around the Fengxi reservior, around 400 meters above sea level) in Wudong mountain. Well-selected from the tea trees over 30-40 years old, made by the skillful tea people in Wudong mountain, our Mi Lan Xiang Dancong is Highly-roasted baked by traditional charcoal way. This kind of traditional charcoal roasted oolong is becoming very rare, due to the complexity and the time consumption included in the process compared with modern electric roasting. Every cup of Mi Lan Xiang tea is a unique experience. And that is not just a saying. The name Dancong means single brush, or a single three. That means that, when you are drinking this tea, you are drinking the leaves that have come from the same three, randomly planted in the wild. All of our Mi Lan Xiang Dancongs are high-roasted by the traditional Charcoal method; so these two new teas, their charcoal aroma will disappear after 2nd infusion; then comes out the lovely floral aroma mixed with honey fragrance. Tips: for all high mountain Wudong Dancong, it has the honey aroma, but also wild-floral aroma as well.


    Shape & Taste of Mi Lan Xiang Dancong

    When we come to the shape of the Mi Lan Xiang Dancong Tea, if you look for some photos, you can see resemblance with dried seaweed, both in color and it’s twisted, stick-like shape, but the texture of the Tea is a bit firmer and maybe we can even make a comparison with vanilla sticks, if you can imagine them ultrathin and strained. For the taste, it enjoys strong, delicate honey aroma with light floral  aroma as well; sweet taste with lingering after taste sweetness; rich & complex mouth feeling after sipping the tea liquid.  For some people, it is hard to believe that such strong fruity flavor is developed naturally and with such sophisticated process, but this is true.


    Potential Health Effects

    In ancient China, tea was widely used for healing and medicine. Back then, tea was considered to have almost magical powers, but as we continue to enjoy it still, can we really sat it doesn’t? As such, this particular kind, the Mi Lan Xiang Dancong has very potent medicinal effects. It is known for treating asthma and even helping in dealing with depression and other psychological disorders.