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When is the Best Time to Drink Tea

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Introduction of Tea

Tea is a beverage taken commonly and prepared by pouring boiling hot water over the tea leaves (Camellia sinensis). The leaves are plucked from an evergreen shrub native to Asia. There are many kinds of tea available such as green tea, black tea, Chinese green tea is generally mildly bitter and a very healthy drink to intake. Herbal tea is an infusion of herbs or fruits without tea leaves. Herbs used include chamomile, rosehip and Tulsi.

What tea should you drink in the morning?

There are many kinds of great teas available. One can choose the favourite one in the morning which would be healthy and easier to make. Find the right kind of tea that matches your meal, mood and the time of day.

• Having aromatic tea in the morning can make you feel fresh with subtle and nuanced flavours.

• The palate can be made feel fresh for a longer time if you intake tea in the morning

• Drinking white tea before breakfast does not cause any kind of discomfort

• As tea has caffeine it can be a perfect brightener of the day. Choose high-quality white tea and make use of hot water to brew the same. The temperature of the water may not get all the flavours but, helps in infusing caffeine.

• If you are planning to take tea before lunch, go for green tea. It can help boost the metabolism and produces extra energy for a noontime work.

Green tea can also help burn more calories than a normal tea does.

• Water of lower temperature has to be used because lower the temperature, and lower would be the bitterness.

What tea should you drink at noon?

Tea is available and commonly found in restaurants and one can have it after lunch or along with it.

Black tea would be recommendable as it has high levels of caffeine which lets you stay alert at the work place

• It can be paired with food because it cuts some of the greasiness and sweetness of certain dishes.

• Tea is widely drunk after lunch as it supports digestion. Because it undergoes fermentation process before the final drying step, it can aid in the digestion process.

• In China, it is traditionally used to ward off weight gain following a heavy meal.

Oolong tea can also be a good choice.

• Herbal tea can be taken in the afternoon and it has benefits of calming herbs like lemon balm and basil that help overcome stress.

What tea should drink at night?

Green tea, black or white tea contains traces of caffeine. It is a stimulant, therefore, should be avoided before bed time. But, drinking the same before bed can be soothing and calming because it can relax your mind. Among the main tea types like green tea and black, the white tea they contain different quantities of caffeine. Herbal tea does not have much caffeine and may have a tiny amount of it and it is a great choice for having before bed.

Side effects

• Anxiety and Restlessness

• Difficulty Withdrawing to sleep

• Skeletal Fluorosis

• Other kinds of cancer and stress

• Hypertension.

Drinking green tea can increase the risk of cancer. Such as lung cancer, oesophageal cancer and colorectal cancer. They may also cause complications like anxiety, stomach ulcers and high blood pressure.

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Why should we drink tea?

In case you have never tried having tea before, do not take too many cups of tea in a single day. Start slowly with one tea per day with the type of tea that suits your body. By experimenting build from how many cups you can take up.

• Tea is easier to make compared to coffee

• Green tea makes the has the power to keep bones healthy

• Drinking unsweetened black tea can help you fix the bad breath and odour

• Tea is considered as necessity of life in China and it can be implemented to the whole world

• Tea has the power to calm down stress and gives a relaxed feeling

• Relieves seasonal allergies before getting them. Boosts immunity gradually up on taking it.

• Some experts say drinking tea is sometimes better than taking water.

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