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  • Imperial Jin Mao Hou (Golden Monkey) Black Tea, 50g

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Imperial Jin Mao Hou (Golden Monkey) Black Tea, 50g


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    This Golden Monkey Black Tea is named after its tea leaves appearance looking like the lightly-curved golden hair from monkey. 


    Carefully hand-picked one bud with one leaf, direct from tea workshop in Fuan county, Fujiang province, through careful, a series of Gongfu making process, this Golden Monkey Black Tea enjoys very rich, full body taste with complex, constantly-change mouth feeling after sipping the tea liquid; Fruity aroma & sticky taste with lingering sweetness in the mouth without any bitterness or astringency.

    Rich, coating texture and very smooth, soft mouthfeel are both signs of a quality Jing Mao Hou(golden monkey black tea)


    Certificate of Analysis by Eurofins: (No.: AR-13-SU-012217-01)

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     Imperial Golden Monkey(Jin Mao Hou) Black Tea
     Fuan county, Fujiang province
      Harvest time:  2017 spring
      Picking standard:
     One bud with one leaf
      Dried tea color:  Bloom dark color with tippy golden tea bud
      Shape:  Tight, lightly-curved stick shape
     Fresh chestnut, and pleasing light orchid aroma
                     Soup Color:  Bright orange-red color with high transparency & golden ring
     Fresh, sticky, rich body taste with ripe peach taste

     Tested for European market