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Benefits of Green Tea are Good for Office Workers

A taste of the good old tea is always something to smile about each morning. When this drink is delivered to us in our workplaces as part of the mid-morning breakfast, what normally comes to mind is its effects in eliminating the morning shivers and getting us more energized for the day ahead. However, there is more to green tea than just these superficial benefits and in this article, we shall uncover some of these effects and discover why it has been dabbed as the best tea for office workers.

Benefits of Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea to Office Workers

Skin Care – One of the major problems affecting office workers is skin that easily dries up. The implications of a dry skin can be far-reaching, including wrinkling and showing signs of old age. These contribute to overall skin damage. However, green tea contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients that go a long way in ensuring the skin retains its tone and complexion.

Weight Loss – Consider the plight of a secretary that sits in one position all day, then feeds on a junky breakfast and lunch –it will just be a matter of time before they are two times the weight they had when they landed the job. Because of their restricted working condition, they may not get enough time to walk around or do other aerobic exercises. However, green tea is known to help with weight loss. This is because it contains ingredients that increase metabolism, helping such office workers to burn fats in-situ. The ingredient, polyphenol, is known to intensify the fat oxidation, thus stimulating metabolism.

Prevention of Carcinogenic Effects – Another problem that office workers suffer is the threat of computer radiation. These kinds of radiations may cause cellular damage and eventually lead to multiple problems to the eyes as well as development of cancer cells. However, those office workers who drink green tea can rest assured that the catechins found in this drink go a long way in ensuring these radiations do not impact negatively on them.

Blood Pressure Management – An office environment is always a subjective one. Every day, we are treated to endless backlogs of cases that leave us limited time to exercise or even think of proper nutrition. This, as it were, is a recipe for blood pressure. However consumption of green tea is known to help curb blood pressure and ensure it is within manageable levels.

Management of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s –Last but not least, office workers are subjected to death, damage or decay of brain cells. As a result, these workers end up with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases; conditions known synonymous with these kinds of cell deterioration. However, green tea has been strongly recommended for the restoration and repair of these damaged brain cells. The end result is a worker who remains competent and committed for a longer period of time.

Benefits of Green Tea


Benefits of Green Tea, if you are an office worker and you have been missing out, or have been taking it merely on account of its taste, then you need to change your perception and have a look at things from a more health point of view. You will not only end up healthy but also economically productive for long.

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