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  • Organic-certified Food Grade Matcha(Stone-grind), 50g(1.8oz)

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Organic-certified Food Grade Matcha(Stone-grind), 50g(1.8oz)


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    Well-selected the fresh yong tea leaves in early April in our cooperated shadow-covered tea field; ground in the traditional stone mill method, this Matcha contains the highest ECGG and other nutrients ingredients & fibers in teas, which can be wholly digested by the body. 

    This ceremony Matcha Tea Powder enjoys a very natural light high quality Long Jing aroma(like fresh chestnut aroma mixed with light vegetal aroma), with smooth taste & thick lingering sweetness after drinking the tea.

    It is originated from Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. It is one of our cooperated tea base. The tea bush has been shadowed in mid of March to make the ceremony grade Matcha Tea Powder. The tea field is registered in China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and meets the European minimum residue level. For the ceremony grade Matcha, it is limited in amount per year, and only harvested in early April. 

    Grade: food, baking smoothies grade. 


      Name:  Organic-certified Ceremony Grade Matcha Tea Powder (Stone-grind)
     Zhejiang, China
      Harvest time:  Early April, 2017
     800 mesh
      Certificate:  Ceres organic-certified Matcha
      Tea soup color:

     Light bright apricot