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Green Tea With Milk

Green Tea With Milk

The trend of drinking green tea with milk is increasing day by day. As the world finds the amazing health benefits which a green milk tea contains the world is adopting the new trend in the market. The demand of green tea with milk is reaching its peak.

So are you ready to dip in the flavors of green tea with milk ?

With the great taste , many health benefits also come along. Doctors suggest that drinking green tea with milk contain antioxidants and nutrients have great effects on body. Increased alertness and memory is one of them. It protects you from cancer and other such dangerous diseases.

In the lines below, I am going to tell you some surprising facts about green tea.

1. Green Tea contains bio-active compounds

2. Green Tea makes you smarter

3. Green Tea improves physical performance

4. Lowers Risk of Cancer

5. Helps in overcoming cardio diseases

Green Tea With Milk

Now talking about the new trend of adding milk. As milk itself is filled with nutrients such as calcium and magnesium that helps you stay strong and makes you healthy. Calcium is needed mostly for your bones. Calcium and Vitamin D helps in preventing osteoporosis. It also improves the vision and helps you stay fit and healthy. Adding milk with green tea enhances the benefits and has a super effect on health as it will give you a refreshing start when you start your day with it. Combining the power of both of these drinks you can delay your aging process.

Up till now I'm sure that you will be wondering about how to make it and have a cup of green tea with milk. So I have decided to show you how you can make a rejuvenating green tea with milk. Here are the steps.

Things You Need


1 tsp green tea powder

2 tsp sugar

3 tbsp warm water

250ml or 300ml hot milk

Green Tea With Milk

The Method

1. Put the green tea powder and some spoons of sugar into a cup.

2. Add a glass of hot water and form the mixture by using a spoon unless a creamy green paste is obtained and ensure no lumps are formed..

3. Now you need put the warmed milk in the mug until the mug is half full. You can also add cold milk if you want to create a cold version.

4. Now you need to mix the paste until green color is obtained.

5. You can also spice your tea up by sprinkling your tea with some tea powder on the top.

So you had found out the way to make a refreshing green tea with milk that will help you stay fit and healthy and will also prevent the aging factors. If you care for yourself and want to live longer and healthier, this recipe will help you achieve these benefits. My suggestion to you is to have a cup daily in the morning so you can find the energy you need to spend your day.

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