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Gunpowder Green Tea - Healthy Choice Tea

We all love a nice cup of tea, especially on a cold day or just to relax our nerves on a hot afternoon. When we look for tea we have to go for the best in the market, to suit our needs fully and also to come in a variety of flavors for the experimentive ones who have a knack for variety. Well, look no further, there is a variety that will sizzle your taste buds and leave you wanting more. It is none other than Gunpowder Green Tea, a type of tea from China whose leaves are rolled up into small sizes that resemble pellets to maintain the freshness and aroma, hence the English name, since the pellets actually resemble grains of black powder of guns used in ancient times. Gunpowder Green Tea was originally known as Zhu Cha or Pearl Tea and was first introduced in Taiwan during the 19th century and comes in an array of choices; Ceylon, Formosa and Pingshui.

Health Benefits

With such a name, it is easy to cringe in horror at the mention of it and assume it is a danger, but on the contrary, this tea has numerous health benefits. It has a component in it called polyphenol that makes one's health better and assists the white blood cells to keep off diseases from the body. It also assists in combating complications of the heart, problems with the immune system, arthritis and it prevents rotting of the teeth. For those struggling with weight loss issues or just desiring to stay in shape, it is recommended since it aids in shedding off excess weight in the body. For caffeine lovers, this is the tea for you. It has more caffeine in it than other types of teas, making it an excellent stimulant. Though healthy, it is recommended that one should take it in moderation, two or three cups a day preferably, to prevent illnesses such as kidney stones.


Purchase & Distinguish

After learning the benefits of this wonderful beverage, the next question is where it is purchased. It is available in bulk in China, but that does not mean if you are not in China you can not treat yourself to Gunpowder Green Tea. All you have to do is go online and visit reputable websites in China that specialize in tea production and selling and make an order. An alternative would be to visit the beautiful country and purchase the tea first hand. It is imperative to know what to look for and how to distinguish it to make the right choice at the end of the day. It has been rolled into pellets and is dark in color though it is green originally. When prepared, it has an enticing flavor of smoke that lingers in the nostrils and explodes lightly when exposed to hot water. This is actually the chief distinguisher, since no other tea has this kind of flavor.


Preparation of this tea is a task that requires precision and utmost care since if you put in more ingredients than is required, it won't have the required taste, and if less ingredients are blended under the wrong conditions, it is impossible to experience the full smoky flavor and copper taste in the mouth it leaves behind in the mouth. It is advisable to use a white cup for tea made of porcelain during preparation to see its authentic color. For the water, it should be 70 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Celsius and from a spring source since water from other sources, for example a tap, will not bring out the real taste of the tea. The apparatus used in preparing the tea should be rinsed in water that is hot for the tea to maintain a warm temperature. Gunpowder Green Tea easily dissolves in water, therefore it is not necessary to throw in an exaggerated amount into hot water. A teaspoon will do per tea pot. The more the tea is let to rest in the hot water, the stronger its flavor will be. The pellets spread out into large tea leaves in the water, releasing the scent of smoke in the air. When properly prepared, it has a yellow appearance. It is not necessary to incorporate milk and sugar into the concoction. It is enjoyed better without.

Gunpowder Green Tea, Pearl Tea, Zhu Cha...whichever name you prefer to use, is a welcome addition to the tea industry and is sure to better one's life in more ways than one. All that has to be done is take it.

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