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  • Gunpowder Green Tea - Premiun Chinese Traditional Green Tea, 50g

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Gunpowder Green Tea - Premiun Chinese Traditional Green Tea, 50g

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    Name: Gunpowder Green Tea - Premiun Chinese Traditional Green Tea

    Original: Zhejiang province

    Harvest time: 2017 spring

    Picking standard: One bud with one leaf or two leaves

    Taste: Super fresh, thick, long-lasting sweetness and high floral aroma

    Shape: Fine particles, tightly round shape

    Aroma: Fresh pleasing orchid aroma

    Soup color: Bright yellow and green


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    Gunpowder green tea

    The leaves of this gunpowder green tea 3505A are tolled into the shape of little pellets resembling gunpowder, hence its name. Gunpowder green tea tastes bold and lightly smoky, also lending to it's name. Its leaves stay fresh longer than any other green tea leaves due to its compressed form. Gunpowder green tea is higher in caffeine than most other green teas (35-40 mg/8 oz serving) and is commonly used by athletes to improve endurance over periods of 3-6 hours. The name of this tea is said to derive from its visual similarity to military gunpowder, infusing the colonial phrase of "gunpowder diplomacy" with much irony. Gunpowder is the favorite green tea of Morocco and the Middle East, where it is commonly prepared with mint and plenty of sugar. The local custom dictates that it be served by men, and be poured in such a way as to create a sizeable foam atop one's glass. Gunpowder tea is often mixed with peppermint leaves to greate a unique blend called Moroccan Mint. Our gunpowder green tea 3505A, is from Zhejiang Povince. The gunpowder meet with EU Standard on MRL.


    How is it made

    Gunpowder green tea 3505A is grown all year round, but when it comes time to harvest the quality tea, between early to mid spring, the harvesters look for the smallest gunpowder tea leaves as they are quickest to roll and dry. Once it is collected from the hills of Zhejiang, the tea is brought back to the plant/factory where they are to be processed before they are able to be consumed. This Gunpowder tea is withered outside for a few days, before being steamed inside the factory. The process of the tea being steamed helps bring out the good flavors when they are ready to drink. The loose tea leafs are then very tightly rolled and then dried again, for a longer period of time, making sure that there is no moisture in the leafs before it is shipped out and ready to drink.


    What does gunpowder green tea taste like

    Green tea can taste very different if it is not brewed in the same way, but overall the taste of Gunpowder green tea is smokey, earthy and sweet. The texture in your mouth is very smooth after drinking this tea and has a very sweet after taste to it. There can be differently flavored tea, depending on how they are brewed and if there have been any additions like herbs to it that can make the tea taste bitter. Some people prefer it to be bitter and add specific herbs to it to achieve that taste.

    Gunpowder green tea and weight loss

    This gunpowder green tea is very good for weight loss, as it is a very very low-fat tea, only containing about 2 grams of fat for every 100-gram serving. Per 100 gram serving, it is split between carbohydrates and ptotein with 50-gram carbohydrate level and a 34-gram protein level. This makes the gunpowder teas great for someone who wants to lose weight effectively and quickly.It is also a very good tea to get started in the morning as its caffeine levels are very high.


    Benefits of drinking gunpowder green tea

    With such a name, it is easy to cringe in horror at the mention of it and assume it is a danger, but on the contrary, this tea has numerous health benefits. It has a component in it called polyphenol that makes one's health better and assists the white blood cells to keep off diseases from the body. It is also assists in combating complications of the heart, problems with the immune system, arthristis and it prevents rotting of the teeth. For those struggling with weight loss issues or just desiring to stay in shape, it is recommended since it aids in shedding off excess weight in the body. For caffeine lovers, this is the tea for you. It has more caffeine in it than other types of teas, making it an excellent stimulant. Though healthy, it is recommended that one should take it in moderation, two or three cups a day preferably, to prevent illnesses such as kidney stones.