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Health Benefits of Rose Bud Tea

Rose bud tea


Rose bud tea stands as one of the most miraculous herbal wonders that remain unexploited by many women. The infusion of rose bud tea as well as rose petal tea has been used as a component of Chinese medicine for more than 5,000 years. The rose petals where highly valued for their fragrance by the Greeks and Romans who used them in decorating their banquet halls and scenting their bathing water. It has also been used traditionally in treating cuts and wounds due to its amazing healing powers. The common name used for the rose budding tea is “the lady’s tea” due to the numerous benefits that women all over the globe reap from its consumption.

The organic rose tea petals conjure the idea of beauty and serenity, with the use of these petals producing outstanding benefits for women. The tea can additionally be prepared by pouring boiling water on the loose rosebuds leaves and still prepare an equally quality tea.

Preparing Rose bud Tea

The ingredients needed in preparing rosebud tea include:
• 2 table spoonful of dried rose petals or buds
• 1 teaspoon dried lemon verbena
• 1 teaspoon dried cornflower which is optional
• Honey


• Bring one and half cup of water to boil. Then mix the all the herbs, placing them in a large tea infuser or tea cup. You should avoid cramming the herbs into a smaller infuser as it better to ensure they have adequate room for expanding and moving around.
• Consequently pour the just boiled wear over these herbs and then cover and steep for approximately 10 minutes. You can stir occasionally while steeping. Strain the content.
• You can add honey if you desire. Sip while the content is still warm.
• Yield one and half cup

Rosebud Tea Taste Attributes 


The full rosy aroma and taste matches the visual beauty of the rosebuds and petals. The soothing herbal tea ins pure rose and petals and brewing offers a flowery aroma, with a light sweet taste and golden infusion. The caffeine free tea offers excellent refreshment and calming effect that has the quality of elevating your day.

Health Benefits of Rose Bud Tea

Rose bud tea

1. Clearing Toxins in the Body

Rosebud tea has been found to aid in the removal of the diverse toxins, helping to promote the health of our kidneys and bladder, highlighting the reason it should be included in our diet. Further, studies indicate that pink rose tea not only helps the body to cleanse itself but prevents infections. Individuals who are regular rose tea drinkers have been found to have a much lower likelihood of developing diverse urinary tract infections.

2. Relieving Menstrual Pain and cramps
Rose bud tea traditional use has been in alleviating some of the symptoms of menstruation, especially in easing the painful cramping. Studies have concluded that drinking Rosebud tea results in less menstrual pain, less anxiety as well as psychological distress during the menstruation period.

3. Alleviating Depression and Improving the Nervous System
An additional significant benefit that is associated with drinking Rose budding tea is the fact that it has been found to improve our ability to deal with stressful situational in additional to increasing our sense of inner peace. Research has demonstrated that individuals who drink Rosebud tea regularly were less likely to suffer from the different types of nervous system disorders. These disorders include nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, depression as well as compulsive disorders. Rosebud tea has further been established to be a mild sedative.

4. Benefits to the Skin and Hair
Rose petals are fully packed with vitamin C, which has antioxidant qualities. The assertion in this case is that vitamins that come directly from foods are better absorbed and assimilated than those from external sources as capsules.

The presence of powerful antioxidants in the tea has been found to aid in improving the body’s metabolism. The implication of this is that is allows the body to burn the excess calories, promoting the reduction of body fat. Regular consumption of rosebud tea helps in keeping food cravings under control, assisting in weight loss.

Additional benefits of rosebud tea include:
• The fact that it relieves pain the knees and waist
• Defends against liver and stomach distress
• Improved blood circulation
• Aids in the healing of wounds
• Reduced body fats
• Prevents and lightens wrinkles
• Eases constipation, enhancing digestion
• Maintains a healthy uterus
• Relieves sore throats and running nose

Side Effects

Rose bud tea

• Rose tea is face when taken in moderate amounts and on short term basis, although excessive consumption can lead to headache, fatigue, nausea and vomiting
• Considering that studies have not been done on its effects on pregnant and breastfeeding women, it is not recommended during these stages
• The high quantity of vitamin C has been found to increase risk for kidney stones

• Its use is discouraged for people with sickle cell disease as it may make blood more acidic due to the high content of vitamin C

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