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Huang Jin Gui Health Benefits and Brew Tips


If you're an avid tea enthusiast, Huang Jin Gui Tea should be your next tea to taste. Meaning ' Golden Osmanthus', the tea has a distinct honeysuckle flavour that sets it apart from most oolong teas. It has a sweet floral, honey and fruity flavour and is crisp and refreshing. Grown at high elevations within the Anxi Country in the Fujian Province, this crisp, oolong tea has a unique depth and complexity to it. It has a long lingering floral finish and there are new layers of character within each brew. Huang Jin Gui tea has a delicate scent reminiscent of honeysuckle and has a golden tone when infused in hot water. The name Huang Jin Gui comes as a result of the honeysuckle and golden tinge and translates to Golden Honeysuckle. Typically, the tea is baked over wood charcoal. The aromatic tea can be served either hot or cold and opens with robust, fruity tones while finishing on a more delicate floral tone and a hint of honey.

Health Benefits of Huang Jin Gui Tea

Huang Jin Gui

Huang Jin Gui tea has a great range of health benefits. It is abundant in antioxidants and can contribute the following positive benefits to your health:

· Strengthens and enhances the immune system

· Known to assist with decreasing potential cardiovascular risks such as heart attack and stroke

· Reduces risk of cancer and tumours

· Increases energy intake levels

· Promotes a healthy metabolism

· Improves bone density

· Helps build healthier teeth

· Helpful in managing diabetes

· Reduces inflammation

· Slows down the damage caused by ageing.

Huang Jin Gui tea is beneficial to stabilise your blood sugar levels, has a proven stress relief effect and enhances mental awareness. It can improve your skin conditions and health and be a helpful aid when attempting weight loss.


How to Brew Huang Jin Gui Tea

Huang Jin Gui


Huang Jin Gui Tea is best brewed when the water is below boiling temperature. You want to heat your water to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Use one level tablespoon of Huang Jin Gui Tea (or three to four grams) to eight to twelve ounces of water. Steep your tea leaves for three to four minutes before removing tea leaves. You can repeat the steeping process several times.


Does Huang Jin Gui Tea contain Caffeine?

Huang Jin Gui Tea has natural caffeine, so be wary of how many cups of tea you consume each day. When you're after an uplifting and enlivening oolong tea, Huang Jin Gui tea is a great option for a refreshing start to the morning.


The Tea Lovers' Choice

Huang Jin Gui

When drinking tea is part of your morning ritual, having a freshly brewed cup of tea can deliver a well needed pick me up to start the day off in a positive way. Drinking tea can be comforting and uplifting and increase your positivity and mood for the day ahead. Huang Jin Gui Tea is a fantastic selection for the tea lover today. When you're after a green oolong tea that delivers a multitude of health benefits, gives a calming effect, energises you for the day and promotes your mental well-being, you can't go wrong with Huang Jin Gui Tea. Try a cup today!

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