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  • Imperial Guangdong Lychee Gongfu Black Tea 50g

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Imperial Guangdong Lychee Gongfu Black Tea 50g


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    Scented with food-grade natural Lychee essence, Lychee Black Tea enjoys very natural lychee aroma and its taste with sweet mixed with lychee taste as well. To enjoy this tea more, you can add some cold water into tea liquid to make sweet ice tea. 

    Lychee fruit-originally from Guangdong province. That is why Lychee black tea so famous in Guangdong. 

    Origin: Guangdong, China


     Guangdong Lychee Gongfu Black Tea
     Conghua county, Guangdong province
      Harvest time:  2017 spring
      Picking standard: 
     One bud with two leaves
      Dried tea color:  Dark bloomy tea color
      Shape:  around 0.5cm length Gongfu style black tea
     Good lychee aroma, mixed with tea aroma
     sweet lychee taste with long after tea taste sweetness
      Tea soup color:

     Bright orange color