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JK Tea Co. Ltd is established by a group of tea enthusiasts & experts in Guangzhou, China, with the aim to share fine & rare Chinese tea to international tea lovers. All the teas are sourced by JK expert team via our various tea trips and guarantee the high quality.


JK Tea Master


JK tea travel a lot to the most beautiful tea-producing areas in China and direct contact with those kind, lovely & honest tea farmers.


JK tea cherished each contact with tea farmers, learned each tea making process & key making-techniques for each tea from farmer friends. Thus, gained many experience in tea making & quality judging. Later, she attended the training course for tea ceremony performance & taste, and become the certified tea ceremony performer & taster.


Fine Chinese tea is not easy to be sourced in international tea market; because of this, Jennifer decides to use her tea expertise & run her own tea company with the aim to provide rare & high quality tea direct from tea farmers to consumers. She requires to frequently tea-producing areas during each spring & autumn tea-making seasons, establish solid connection & relationship with tea farmers, guide them to process teas in the traditional way to make sure all these selected teas quality is consistent and guaranteed to her clients.  All JK's tea is personally sourced & collected by Jennifer.Jiang; high quality is guaranteed by her.


Direct from Eco-diversity Tea Farm, Made by Skillful Tea Farmers Guarantees JK Teas Unique & Rare


Tea OnlineUnlike other online tea companies in China, they get their teas directly from Chinese wholesalers/dealers, which causes the quality is not  consistent and can't be guaranteed. 


JK's teas are directly purchased from tea farmers or small tea workshops. Fine tea is not easy to be sourced, even in China. So JK Tea team has been travelling to all fine tea-producing areas to source the rare teas directly from tea farmers or small tea workshops. We have established good & long-term cooperation with tea farmers;  We cherish their work, respect their craftsmanship and conduct fair trade with them. Our tea knowledge & expertise grant us the privilege to guarantee the high quality tea before handing to our clients.  



Professional Tea Storage Warehouse & Method


All of our teas are carefully stored in our warehouses. Our green, white, blooming, jasmine, Matcha, herb tea, light-roasted Oolong tea are vacuumed & stored in the freezer room below 0℃, to maintain super freshness before dispatching.


Our Pu Er tea warehouse is equipped with curtain & dehumidifier, which can guarantee its light protection and low moiture to further dry aging process of Pu Er tea. Once the humid is over 80℃, then the dehumudifier works automatically to maintain the dryness of our Pu Er, and create natural dry storage Pu Er environment.


Customers-oriented Service & Package


Customers satisfaction is our top priority; hence, we focus all our attention to our service & products package. Our staff always check the items before carefully pack them by using EPE foam & bubble bags, to avoid causing any inconvenience to our clients and breakage in transit. 


We believe, through our sincere attitude to rare Chinese tea, serious altitude to tea storage and package, you will experience a completely, brand new tea experience in JK Tea Shop.