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How to make Flowering Tea Balls at Home


Flowering tea balls are best enjoyed with family or friends over a dinner party or any other special occasion. You may even make it a great gift for a loved one, friend or colleague during the festive season. Who wouldn't love hand-crafted tea balls made to resemble a blossoming flower? The tea balls have to be enjoyed in a clear glass or teapot, for the obvious reason of visibility of the beautiful flowers. What is interesting as well as amazing about all this is that you can make yours at home by following some simple steps. More so, you can use flowers from your very own garden such as jasmine, lilies, roses or herbs depending on your taste preferences.


flowering tea balls


Step 1

The first step is acquiring the ingredients. The ingredients, in this case, are fresh green tea leaves and edible flowers. The edible flowers are numerous, including jasmine, roses, herbs etc. If you have any of these in your garden then it makes the process easy for you, otherwise, you can purchase them from your favorite store or your local seller. You will do likewise for the green tea. A very important point to note is that you should ensure all the ingredients are free from harmful chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides and as well as pests. Hygiene and health are paramount.

Step 2

After acquiring the flowers above, use a needle and a thread, preferably cotton, to sew them together making sure it results in a shape resembling a ball. Your art skills will determine the final look of your ball.

Step 3

Put the fresh green tea leaves between a pair of waxed pieces of paper. Place the two sheets of paper under a heavy flat surfaced object in order to flatten them and leave it for one hour. Always be careful not to let them overstay in that way as they will end up drying, ruining the whole thing.

Step 4

Using a very sharp knife, cut the already pressed and flattened green tea leaves into quarter inch strips along their length. Here, you need to be careful not to cut beyond the stems as these will be needed to be connected to the leaves. After this is done, make a wheel pattern on a flat surface using the cut tea leaves. Take the edible flowers or herbs and place them at the center of the wheel pattern.

Step 5

Holding the stems together, bring both the green tea leaves and the edible flowers together and sew the protruding stems together. When sewing the stems ensure you don't leave out the ones within the bundle.

Step 6

Using your hands, squeeze the bundle and roll it into a ball before placing it in an oven for half an hour. Ensure the oven is at its lowest heat during this process. Also, ensure it doesn't overstay in the oven in order to preserve the flavor of the tea as well as the edible flowers.

Step 7

The final step is brewing your now ready flowering tea ball. Using a clear teapot, place the tea ball into it and add boiling water and leave it for a few minutes. The tea is ready to be served.


blooming tea ball



The magical feeling of seeing the leaves flowering through the clear teapot is breathtaking and it makes the flowering tea ball the best tea. Where to get these flowering tea ball?

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