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Top Ten Famous Chinese Oolong Tea

Although Oolong teas are majorly grown in China and Taiwan, the regions under in which they are grown are very expansive with different climatic conditions. It is this varying climate & growth conditions which makes Oolong tea to have a different varieties. They all have different flavors & aromas from roasted, robust, floral among others. With such a wide array, here are the Top Ten Famous Chinese Oolong tea.


1. Da Hong Pao


Also known as the Big Robe, Da Hong Pao is a type of an Oolong Tea that is grown in Chinas WuYis mountains in the Fujian Province. This highly prized tea leaves are picked deep within the rocky mountain boulders .The tea is handmade from tendered leaves which are withered, tumbled and thereafter baked in batches over charcoal heat creating an aromatic infusion with distinct fruity flavor, a wooden flair and a long smooth aftertaste. Although it is expensive, Da Hong Tea has value for money. The leaves can be brewed several times before disposing them. Some of its benefits include:

· Enhancing the immune system

· Teeth Strengthening

· Improved digestion


2. Tie Luo Han


Its a type of WuYi Oolong tea which is grown in the Chinese Fujian Province whose dry leaves have some sort of Yancha tastiness with a floral aroma. Pure Tie Luo Han has a strong and long lasting mineral-like aftertaste. The tea is usually thick with a full bodied supple and tasty feeling in the mouth. Benefits include:

· facilitating weight loss

· strengthening of the bones

· Increasing the rate metabolism and improves digestion.


3. Bai Ji Guan

 Bai Ji Guan

Also known as White-Cockscomb, Bai Ji Guan is one of the 4 famous Oolong teas i.e. Tie Luo Han, Shui Jin Gui, and Da Hong Pao. Its fresh leaves are dark green and when its brewed it has a greenish-gold color with a sweet aroma. It tastes sweet with a lingering fruity mellow and a honey-note aftertaste. Some of its benefits are:

· Increasing the body density

· Preventing the skin from aging

· Improving the immune system

· Increasing the energy levels in the body.


4. Shui Jin Gui

 SHui Jin Gui

It is one of the 4 famous variety of Oolong tea which is grown in WuYi mountain. This charcoal roasted tea is a complex type Oolong tea with a cocoa buttery taste and a dark chocolate aroma. Compared to other types of roasted teas, Shin Jin Gui has a slippery feeling with a heavy floral after-taste feeling.


· It strengthens bones?

· Facilitates weight loss

· Combats skin aging.


5. Wuyi Shui Xian

 Wuyi Shui Xian

Its other name is Shui Hsien Tea, a very famous type of Wuyi rock Oolong tea. They are grown in Fujian Province in China in Wuyi mountains which are renowned for producing high quality Oolong teas in the world. It is luxurious & uniquely dark and imparts a smooth flavor with fruity and creamy undertones. Wuyi Shui Xian has a lot of benefits:

· It improves the immune system

· Strengthens the bones

· Improves the process of digestion

· Helps in weight loss among others.


6. Anxi Tie Guan Yin

Anxi Tie Guan Yin

Also known as just Tie Guan Yin or Ti Kuan Yin, Anxi Tie Guan Yin tea is an all-time favorite for Oolong tea lovers. It is cultivated in the Chinese Fujian Province and harvested by hand.it is set apart by its flowery aroma that is reminiscent of orchids and its natural nutrients like anti-oxidants have a lot of health & lifestyle benefits such as:

· Anti-fungal support.

· Energy increase in the body?

· Aids in weight-loss and?

· A source of anti-oxidants such as polyphenols which plays a role in preventing heart and cancerous diseases.


7. Huang Jin Gui

 Huang Jin Gui

Its one of the 4 renowned Anxi Oolong Tea. Huang Jin Gui is also known as Golden Osmanthus a term that is derived from its golden liquor-ish yellow green leaves. Huang Jin Gui is truly a treat that shouldnt be missed .It has a unique Osmanthus flower-like taste with a honey like flavor.Just like other teas that come from Camellia Sinensis, Huang Jin Tea has a lot of benefits. They include:

· Increasing body energy levels

· Increasing the rate of metabolism

· Strengthening the immune system

· Enhancing bone density

· It nourishes the skin and prevents the skin from



8. Dong Ding Oolong Tea

 Dong Ding Oolong Tea

Also referred to as Tong Ting tea, Dong Ding Oolong tea is originally from Dongding in Taiwan. It is one of the most complex Oolong teas which has a naturally sweet, fruity aroma and a strong charm. The components found in the tea have a lot of health benefits:

· It strengthens the bones and helps to prevent teeth decay and plaque from building up.

· It reduces the growth rate of glucosyltransferase

· Clears free radicals hence prevents the skin from aging.


9. Dong Fang Mei Ren

 Dong Fang Mei Ren

Dong Fang Mei Ren is also commonly known as Oriental Beauty Tea. It is a type of Oolong tea that is grown in Taiwan and has twisted shoots which are dark green and silver in color.it is a highly oxidized tea (60-70 percent oxidized) that has a fruity, floral aroma with a sweet taste making it one of the most unique Taiwan teas.Unlike other teas which are usually burnt over heat during processing, production of Dong Fang Mei Ren is quite unique. First Green Crickets are attracted to the tea while they are still in the farm to bite the plank & suck juices from the leaves. This will cause the tea plant to react and produce some components that give it the unique sweet flavor. Matured tea bushes are then harvested, sun withered, indoor withered and tossed into a bamboo tray to start the oxidation process. The leaves are later rolled and dried to be ready for sale. Its benefits include:

. Providing a calming effect. Taking the tea calms down the nerves and the mind.

· Helps to fight free radicals that cause certain types of cancers.

· It boosts the immune system and makes the heart to be more healthier.

· Improves digestion and aids in weight loss.


10. Phoenix Dancong


Also known as Fenghuang Dancong, Phoenix Dancong tea is a famous type of Oolong tea grown in Phoenix Mountain of Guangdon Province in China. Its leaves are thick & straight with a brown color. It has a very strong fruity flavor which has a similar taste to dried mango with a flower-like note. The tea is very lustrous & clear with an orange-yellow color after brewing. You can infuse the tea almost 6 times. Its benefits are:

· Assisting in weight loss

· Strengthening of the bones

· It combats skin aging.


Nearly All the types of Oolong tea are produced by withering the tea leaves to oxidize them, curling & thereafter twisting. The degree of oxidation which ranges from 8-85 percent usually depends on the tea production style and the tea type. Brewing of any type of these tea is usually done by heating water and pouring it over the tea leaves (a teaspoonful for 8-12 ounces of water). Steep the mixture for 4-5 minutes then sieve it and the tea is ready for drinking.

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