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Living Healthy With Buckwheat Tea

Buckwheat Tea


Buckwheat also recognized as traditional buckwheat, Japanese buckwheat, and Silverhull buckwheat is a plant farmed for its seeds that look like grains. It is also known as a pseudocereal, which implies that it has many characteristics of cereal but is not one. It is also as the Herbal Tea.


History of Buckwheat

The history of the tea traces back to 6000 BC. It was first cultivated and used for the domestic purpose in the Southeast Asian region in Yunnan province in China. It then spread to different areas of Europe, Central Asia, Russia and parts of Tibet. It was introduced in by the Dutch people in the United States at the beginning of the 17th century. Buckwheat is indigenous to both, Europe and Asia.


An Overview on the Taste

Buckwheat tea comes with a chalky, grainy texture and tastes nutty. It is stimulating in nature with a pleasant fragrance and has a refreshing and soothing effect on the body. It is energizing and nutritious and highly beneficial for a calm mind.


The Art of Brewing Buckwheat Tea

Buckwheat Tea

To make the most of the nutritional benefits of this tea, it is important that you prepare it properly. Follow the instructions below to brew the perfect buckwheat tea!

Ingredients Required:

8-10 grams of tea, a brewing glass teapot (500 ml) and water

Step 1: Add 8 to 10 grams of buckwheat tea into the empty teapot. Ensure that you clean the teapot properly before pouring the powdered tea. Remember, we're using 8-10 grams for two people. In case there are more people, increase the quantity of the tea accordingly.

Step2: Add approximately 500 ml of boiling water to the tea pot and stir slowly. Cover the container with a lid and let it rest for a few minutes.

Step3: To get the perfect preparation, let the tea steep for roughly 4-5 minutes. The more you steep, the more intense will be the flavor. If you are not fond of strong zest, then reduce the steeping time.

Step4: Pour the buckwheat tea into cups and serve hot.

That's it! Your fragrant buckwheat tea is ready.

Excellent Nutritional Benefits

Buckwheat Tea

1. Natural Medicine for Diabetes

Thet tea contains vitamin B complex - Vitamin B1 and B2. It also carries D-chiro-inositol compound effective in controlling and triggering the glucose metabolism in humans and animals. It helps a great deal in managing Type-2 Diabetes.

2. Lowers bad cholesterol

Buckwheat is packed with choline which helps in reducing the cholesterol levels by keeping a check on the body's metabolic rate.

3. Boosts the immune system

It is a powerhouse of antioxidants, which fight against harmful free radicals and provide protection from harmful microorganisms like fungus, virus, and bacteria.

4. Blessing for people with Gluten allergy

Being a gluten free product, it is a boon for people having a gluten allergy. Moreover, it also keeps a check the effects on environmental and food allergens in the body.

5. Good for weight loss

Since it is low has a low glycemic index, it is beneficial in aiding weight loss. It is also very low on calorie content.

6. Brings down edema

Consumption of Buckwheat tea helps in reducing edema related to a chronic venous insufficiency in the body.

7. Improves digestive system

Phytonutrients present in the tea work wonders on the digestive system and reduce acidity and gas. Being a rich source of dietary fiber, it is also an excellent remedy for dealing with chronic constipation.

8. Reduces the risk of breast cancer

This tea comes with anti-carcinogenic compounds and helps in preventing carcinomas related to hormones.


Buckwheat tea, a healthy product made from roasted buckwheat found in Yunnan province in China, is a potent herbal beverage, famous in Southeast Asia and Japan. It is also popularly known as Shoba Cha and served as a refreshment in several houses.

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