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  • Green Tea Storage Tips

    Green tea is generally very sensitive. It contains components that are highly vulnerable to oxidation.For this reason, caution should be taken when storing green tea. If stored properly, green tea can keep fresh for up to 24 months.
  • How To Make Chinese Green Tea

    The process of making Chinese green tea is very different from Western Method. This process makes the taste of the green tea better and stronger compared to Western methods of making green tea. In China, it is believed that the type of water and pot you use affect the taste of the green tea.
  • Tea Is A Great Beverage For Children

    Having established that children can drink tea, the best tea to give children is green tea. This is because of its antioxidant quality that ensures that the children's bodies stay cleansed from any oxidants. Since milk and other tea additives do not affect the quality of the green tea, they can be added to make the tea more nutritious for the children.
  • Overnight Tea Have Numerous Benefits To Your Body!

    Drinking tea is common to many people around the world and it comes with benefit to human health. Its important to know that overnight tea have numerous benefits to your body. Now, tea is popular with consumers in many countries and tea culture prevails all over the world. The reason for this is that tea is so good for our health. What's more, drinking tea is a very graceful art. Tea can be brewed several times. How do you dispose of overnight tea?
  • Sencha - Organic Green Tea

    Sencha is a Japanese term that refers to the tea grown in full sun. The tea is different from the other types of tea like gyokuro, genmaicha which represents tea grown under limited conditions of sunlight.
  • Jin Jun Mei - Golden Eyebrow Gongfu Black Tea

    Jin Jun Mei is a type of black tea from China. Its meaning literally translates to Golden Beautiful Eyebrow. This is drawn from the gold-colored tips and the beautiful appearance of the tea's leaves. Furthermore, the tea is also shaped like an eyebrow. It is therefore often referred to as Golden Eyebrow Gongfu black tea.
  • Why black tea is best for your health

    Black tea has even found its way into the famous English breakfast. It differs from the green tea due to its antioxidant potential. Despite originating from the same plant, black tea gains its dark color as it is fully left to oxidize before being processed. You can easily distinguish between the two by the physical appearance of the end product. Below are some of the health benefits of black tea.
  • Golden Monkey “Jin Mao Hou” Black Tea

    Jin Mao Hou, Golden Monkey Black Tea, from the hills of Fujian, is so far one of the best tea flavours and one the easiest to prepare. It has some rich benefits for your health and also relaxes your body.
  • Guangdong Lychee Black Tea

    This Lychee black tea is mainly processed in Guangdong, China. Guangdong is the province on the southern coast of china. Guangdong is famous for its herbal teas. Guangdong Lychee black tea is made of the leaves of black tea and the aroma of Lychee. Lychee is a small round pink fruit with a translucent white pulp. It is best known for its delicate floral and fruity fragrance and juicy taste. During fermented process, the oxygen causes the green leaves to turn into a dark black color.
  • Chinese Black Tea Varieties

    In Great Britain and the United Stated, black teas are currently the most popular type of teas. However, most of people aren't aware of the wide variety of black teas available to choose from.
  • Green Tea With Milk

    The trend of drinking green tea with milk is increasing day by day. As the world finds the amazing health benefits which a green milk tea contains the world is adopting the new trend in the market. The demand of green tea with milk is reaching its peak.
  • Black Tea – Healthiest Tea You Could Have

    In winter season, you might be drinking your regular tea right, and you can stick to it. Black tea might not be the option for you to have a life changing miracle, yet it is a good idea to change options for more health benefits. Winter tea provides warm for the body during the winter season, and this black tea could be your best option as it feels better, taste better and comes in different flavors to suit your satisfaction. Put away all the beverage and choose to be healthy by drinking nutritious black tea and enjoy ten times more healthier.
  • Benefits of Green Tea are Good for Office Workers

    If you are an office worker and you have been missing out on green tea, or have been taking it merely on account of its taste, then you need to change your perception and have a look at things from a more health point of view. You will not only end up healthy but also economically productive for long.
  • Jiao Gu Lan Herbal Tea - Healthy Tea

    Jiao Gu Lan herbal tea also called Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb, is the best known herbal medicine from a plant gyno stemma Penta phylum. This plant grows in southern China, northern Vietnam, southern Korea and Japan.
  • Huo Shan Huang Ya - The Imperial Yellow Tea

    Huo Shan Huang Ya Plant (Camellia sinessis) commonly known as the Imperial Tribute Tea or The Yellow Tea is the best quality tea available in whole Asia.When Huo Shan Huang Ya is soaked in water, it gives a refreshing Fresh Bamboo like Scent. The color of this Yellow Tea is light yellow and the aroma is also very mild unlike many other bud type tea.
  • La Lao Huo(the final step baking) for Liu An Gua Pian

    Video in Youtube: La Lao Huo(the final step baking) for Liu An Gua Pian. I will put some video in our blog, It can help some tea lover to understand the tea making process.
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