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  • What Makes Yellow Tea An Invaluable Gem

    Yellow tea is an expensive type of green tea. This tea derives its unique name from the bright golden infusion color that comes about when it is brewed. It has quite a number of delicious tea variety such as jun shan yin zhen, that is harvested on jun shan island, meng ding huang ya which is harvested on meng ding mountain, huang ya, meng ding huang ya and golden dragon yellow tea. It's highly expensive, but this Chinese tea is worth every single cent because of its countless benefits.
  • Chinese Tea Gaiwans

    The use of Gaiwans in tea preparation started during the Ming Dynasty. It was through these years that the preparation and rituals of tea were enhanced. This happened at the peak of pottery making wherein China was known for creating delicate and fine tablewares and teacups.
  • Yellow Tea – One of Rarest Chinese Tea

    One of the rarest teas in China is the Yellow Tea. This tea was only produced for Emperor's consumption during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The process of making Yellow Tea required a lot of skills and time. It was slightly different from other China's teas. Consequently, yellow tea was only harvested at the specific time of the year.
  • Chinese Kung Fu Tea

    Kung Fu tea (sometimes called Gong Fu tea) makes tea his given name, the name given to the traditional Chinese way of doing this tea, not the kind of tea. All day tea is the method used when talking about "traditional Chinese tea ceremony" and very important for the quality and variety of instruments used by itself 'celebrated' with the quality of the tea itself. It is the way to work!
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