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  • Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea, 50g

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Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea, 50g

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    Name: Premium Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea  

    Original: Fuding, Fujian Province  

    Harvest time: 2017 spring  

    Picking standard: One bud with one or two leaves  

    Dried tea color: Shiny tea hair with dark grey tea color  

    Shape: Tight round shape; diameter:5-7mm  

    Aroma: Natural and fresh fragrance mixed with exquisite jasmine & tea  

    Taste: Natural & smooth jasmine & tea blended taste  

    Tea soup color: Bright yellowish-green color


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    Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea - Premium Organic Jasmine Tea



    Jasmine dragon pearl tea is a scented tea, which contains the jasmine flower scenting process and ball-rolling process. It has the lovely, subtle jasmine aroma, but also tea taste as well. This one bud with one leaf tea leaves, picked from big white tea bushes from Fuding in Fujiang province, has been scented with the newly-open jasmine flower buds for at least 4 times before the finished products. So that is why this tea contains extremely subtle jasmine aroma, not the strong ones. After siping the tea soup, the mixed jasmine and tea aroma is around your whole mouth, and changes a little for your every breath. This jasmine dragon pearl tea is made from spring buds. so that is why its size is a little bigger than the summer/ autumn jasmine pearl.


    Originated in Fuding, Fujian Province in China for more than 800 years ago, Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea was popular with the name Mo Li Hua Zhu. It was the bigger spring buds that ancestors distinguished with its mild scent of jasmine, yet strong taste of tea. Its massive popularity took place during the Dynasty of Han, before this tea was finally well-known worldwide in the 16th century. 


    These days, it is getting easier to get Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea through online shops, as well as restaurants in various countries, especially in Europe, the US and Canada. The taste is almost similar to jasmine tea, though its original tea taste is stronger than the jasmine. Regardless of so many kinds of famous jasmine tea, Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea still wins the heart of millions of people worldwide, thanks to its unique taste and huge health benefits.

    Making Process

    The process of brewing Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea is truly simple, just like other similar kinds of tea. It can be seen through the color of the dried tea that resembles common jasmine tea. When it is brewed, the color turns yellowish and bright green. However, the produce process of Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea is somewhat different with common jasmine tea, particularly Chinese tea. The picking process requires one bud and two to three young leaves before they are scented for at least four times. The sweet flavor comes out after three leaves are rolled manually into small pearls.

    Health Benefits

    Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea has similar health benefits as common jasmine tea, in which it delivers high level of antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals. Another advantage of drinking Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea regularly is the lower chance of suffering from high cholesterol level, that leads to reducing the risk of stroke and high blood pressure. Even the scent can sooth the mood, in which it helps the normal heart rate. The last but not the least, Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea is also the best diet tea, besides green tea and black tea. Consuming this tea is not only energizing, but also controlling the brain cell to produce good mood, which controls a person to reduce consuming sugary snacks and beverages. 



    It is easy to sum up that Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea is worth consuming, though buyers need to ensure that they buy the product from reputable sellers. It is always recommended to make comparisons among several online stores, before finally making any purchase. Well-established Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea providers with positive reviews and references are always worth every buyer's time and money.