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  • Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea, 50g

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Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea, 50g

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    Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea - Premium Organic Jasmine Tea



    Jasmine dragon pearl tea is a scented tea, which contains the jasmine flower scenting process and ball-rolling process. It has the lovely, subtle jasmine aroma, but also tea taste as well.


    This one bud with one leaf tea leaves, picked from big white tea bushes from Fuding in Fujiang province, has been scented with the newly-open jasmine flower buds for at least 4 times before the finished products. So that is why this tea contains extremely subtle jasmine aroma, not the strong ones. After siping the tea soup, the mixed jasmine and tea aroma is around your whole mouth, and changes a little for your every breath.


    This tea is made from spring buds. so that is why its size is a little bigger than the summer/ autumn jasmine pearl.


     Premium Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearl
     Fuding, Fujian Province
      Harvest time:  2017 spring
      Picking standard:
     One bud with one or two leaves
      Dried tea color:  Shiny tea hair with dark grey tea color
      Shape:  Tight round shape; diameter:5-7mm
     Natural and fresh fragrance mixed with exquisite jasmine & tea
     Natural & smooth jasmine & tea blended taste
      Tea soup color:

     Bright yellowish-green color