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  • Jasmine Silver Needle - Imperial White Tea, 50g

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Jasmine Silver Needle - Imperial White Tea, 50g

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    Name: Imperial Jasmine Silver Needle Tea   

    Original: Fuding, Fujian Province   

    Harvest time: 2017 spring   

    Picking standard: One bud   

    Dried tea color: Shiny silver color   

    Shape: Tight, fat needle shape full of silver hair   

    Aroma: Fresh & pleasing jasmine flavor   

    Taste: Natural & smooth jasmine & tea sweetness mixed taste   

    Tea soup color: Lightly shiny yellow


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    Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea


    This Jasmine Silver Needle Tea is scented naturally with the fresh jasmine flower for 5 times at least; that is why its jasmine aroma is persistent and exists after many times of repeated infusion; its aroma is mixed with pleasing, charming jasmine flavor, and its taste is sweet & soft; The whole mouth is rich in jasmine aroma & sweetness. The sweetly scented jasmine usually is picked in the month of April and dried up in the sun. Then waited until August where the tea is laid on a bed containing fresh jasmine flowers for a period of five days, during this time they will be balancing the sweet-white tea with the fresh fragrance of jasmine flower aroma making it soothing and perfect for a time of calm. Its name silver needle was derived from its needle-loke shape that is full of silver hair thus making it silvery shiny, and as such the name silver needle white tea.

    Jasmine silver needle is famous for its anti-cancer health benefits, which has been widely recognized by many medical research institutes. In Chinese traditional medicine, white tea is commonly used as to cool your body heat, detoxicate interior body toxins and others.

    All of our white tea is stored in the freezer, so it can maintain its super freshness when they are delivered to our clients. P.S, all of our jasmine flower meets the European herbs standard. Tea tree: Da Bai Hao tea bush from Fuding, Fujian Province


    Brew tips

    The jasmine silver needle white tea can be really relaxing to brew, there are simple steps in getting your white ready.

    - First get all your brewing apparatus that includes a glass pot usually the best. The water of a temperature that is not too high. The temperature should range between 80 degrees to about 95 degrees, and then don’t forget the main ingredient which is the jasmine silver needle white tea.

    - Warm up your teapot first and then pour out the water. Now warm put the jasmine-silver-needle white tea in the pot and shake for 5 seconds and then smell the aroma, it should be measured in that 5 grams for every cup of water.

    - Pour the water into the teapot for the first infusion and rotate the tea gently. Steep it for a period of about two minutes to three minutes.

    - Now test the tea liquor and enjoy the soothing aroma and sweetness of the tea.

    - For the second infusion repeat the same process only that this time you add one minute extra during steeping to get the best test. You can infuse several other times until the test is weak.


    Storage tips

    The jasmine silver needle white tea is best stored in a freezer so that its freshness is maintained and the aroma intact entirely. But it can also be stored in a cool and dry place if you don’t have a freezer in this way you will get the best out of this white tea.