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  • First Grade Keemun Black Tea, 50g

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First Grade Keemun Black Tea, 50g

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    This first grade Keemun black tea enjoys very light floral aroma. After brewing, strong caramel aroma spreads around the whole area quickly; A good tea to wake you up in the morning, instead of bitter black coffee.

    Name: First Grade Keemun Black Tea

    Origin: Qihong town, China

    Harvest time: 2017 spring

    Picking standard: One bud with two leaves

    Dried tea color: Bloom black with little golden peoke

    Shape: Short stick shape

    Aroma: Freshness, nutty, high sweetness, unique keemun caramel fragrance mixed with light honey aroma

    Taste: Brisk, fruity taste mixed with light orchid taste

    Tea soup color: Bright golden red color with high transparency

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    Keemun Hao Ya - Chinese Famous Black Tea

    Well-selected the fresh one bud with two leaves, plus the Gongfu making & sorting process, this first grade keemun Hao Ya enjoys thick, mellow tea taste with long-lasting sweetness. 

    After brewing, strong caramel aroma spreads around the whole area quickly; A good tea to wake you up in the morning, instead of bitter black coffee. A very good cup of traditional English breakfast black tea. Below is the link of how Keemun Maocha is made, taken by our 2012 spring tea trip. https://www.jkteashop.com/keemun-tea-making-process-n-77/


    Keemun Hao Ya


    Origin of Keemun Hao Ya

    keemun Hao Ya is China’s famous black tea that has its origins in Qimen County, in Anhui Province located in China. It gained its name from the pronunciation of ‘Qimen’ in English, this is ‘Keemun’ during the colonial era. It first gained popularity in China before spreading to England where it is one of the tea types included in English breakfast. Tea lovers will fall in love with its sweet taste that is similar to that of lapsang souchong tea. Most people prefer it as breakfast tea while others take it in the afternoon. Whichever time you choose to take it, this Keemun Hao Ya B tea is guaranteed to positively impact you.

    Simple Way to Brew It

    Although there are many tea recipes on how to brew it, the simplest one is placing a teaspoon of tea leaves in water that has been boiled up to 90 degrees Celsius and covering it for the loose leaf teas to steep in the water for 3-5 minutes. Afterward, pour the mixture into a cup and enjoy your healthy cup of tea. Be careful not to brew tea in extremely hot water as this will scorch the leaves and the resulting liquor will be bitter. If you purchase this organic black tea in a package, it is important to look at the product details so that you can get a guideline on how to prepare it.

    The tea flavor largely depends on the amount of tea leaves you put. If you put in too many, it will be bitter while a little amount results in a weak or plain black tea. The final result should have a clear and attractive red color with a slightly smoky aroma. If you brew it properly, it can be your favorite tea and you won’t hesitate to include it in your tea collection. This China black tea doesn’t need any addition of milk or any other tea accessories as it is naturally sweet. It is one of China black teas that has a red color when steeped.

    Health Benefits of Keemun Hao Ya

    Keemun tea is not only delicious but it has numerous health benefits as well. Unlike decaf teas, it contains caffeine that assists in the process of losing weight when coupled with exercise. It also helps in protecting you from lung, prostate, ovarian and skin cancers. When taken before and and immediately after meals, it aids in digestion. Many may think that it leads to diabetes because of its sweetness but on the contrary, it prevents it. It does this by lowering your blood sugar level and lowering your cholesterol. The caffeine also enhances alertness and gives you the energy you need to keep you going throughout the day.

    Storeage of Keemun Hao Ya

    There are many methods of storing loose leaf teas but the most effective one is to store them in plastic bags. This helps in preserving their quality, flavor and aroma. The bag should then be placed in a container that can’t absorb the flavor of the tea. It should also be opaque so that light cannot get into it. Tea storage containers should be kept in a cool and dry place where they aren’t exposed to other strong odors and unsanitary conditions.


    Keemun black tea is best served in a tea club and tea gardens in the company of friends and loved ones. You could make a one time purchase of leaf tea and sample it for yourself. Whether you choose to call it Keemun Congouo, China Keemun Black Tea, China Keemun, Hao Ya or Keemun Hao Ya, this is one of China’s fine teas that satisfies and heals you at the same time. It is one of the Chinese teas that give you more than you actually pay for. This tea’s production thrives in China.