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  • Kuding Tea - Premium Wild-growing Hainan Herbal Tea-50g

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Kuding Tea - Premium Wild-growing Hainan Herbal Tea-50g

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    Kuding Tea - Premiun Wild-growing Hainan Herbal Tea

    Kuding tea (bitter tea, kuding cha) has the reputation of "health tea", "longevity tea" and "slim tea". It has been proved that kuding tea can diminish inflammation and ease pain, enhance salubrity and clean up toxins, reduce fat and blood pressure, and keep the body fit. Kuding tea is widely used to cure coldness, rhinitis, itching eyes, red eyes, soar throat and headache. Kuding tea is very effective in weight loss. Since Kuding tea is comparatively bitter if steep for too long, pls dont steep them when brewing.  For this Hainan bitter tea, it is not as bitter as the Guangxi Kuding, due to the difference of growing in two different provinces.  This Hainan Needle Kuding has long, lingering after taste sweetness, even though a little bitter at the beginning. 

    Harvest time: 2017

    Shape: Stick shape



    This premium Kuding tea has a light, bitter, taste to it. It should be enjoyed without sugar. If you must sweeten it up, consider adding a teaspoon of raw, organic honey. You will find that it is an acquired taste you will come to enjoy over time. Kuding tea is light enough to be enjoyed at any time throughout the day.


    When to Drink

    Kuding tea extract is a whole different story altogether. This tea is incredibly bitter to the taste buds and can tend to repeat on you after drinking it. For this reason, it is best to drink kuding tea an hour or so before your bedtime, then brush your teeth immediately afterward before retiring to bed. Drinking the concentrated tea extract before bedtime allows it to work into your bloodstream while your body returns to its overnight fasted state. As the hours of the night progress, the kuding will assist you body in metabolizing sugars and cholesterol. When you awake in the morning, your fasted blood sugar and cholesterol levels should be lower, than if you did not drink the tea. 


    Kuding Tea for Weight Loss

    Kuding tea has also been said to accelerate fat loss, although there is no solid research to verify this claim, medical professionals believe that it may have something to do with its anti-inflammatory properties and the way they affect the digestive system, improving assimilation of nutrients and increasing metabolic function.



    Kuding tea can benefit your health in so many ways that it makes sense to give it a try. Brew yourself a cup every day for thirty days and pay attention to your body's response, its health boosting properties may surprise you.


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