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  • Mao Jian Green Tea - Premium Handmade Mao Jian (Jade Tips) Green Tea, 50g

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Mao Jian Green Tea - Premium Handmade Mao Jian (Jade Tips) Green Tea, 50g

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    This Mao Jian green tea enjoys light chestnut aroma mixed with some floral taste inside tea liquid. Lingering after taste without any bitterness. 


    A good choice green tea for every day green tea drinking. 


    Name: Mao Jian Green Tea - Premium Handmade Mao Jian(Jade Tips) Green Tea

    Original: Shaowu, Zhejiang province

    Harvest time: 2017 spring, April 30

    Picking standard: One bud with one or two leaves

    Dried tea color: Dark shiny green color

    Shape: Tight and long stick shape

    Aroma: Fresh chestnut, and pleasing floral aroma

    Taste: Thick & mellow taste with good high floral aroma.

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    Mao Jian - Handmade Jade Tips Green Tea

    Mao Jian (Jade tips) is originally produced in Shaowu, Zhejiang Province in China. It is a premium green tea produced in the mountains of China and is called as King of Green Tea. It is distinct from other green tea with its own unique stick/straight tips. Its leaves are long and dark green in color. Mao Jian has shorter leaves when compared to other green teas. Their average leaf is 0.5-1 inch. Usually, when this Mao Jian is brewed by pouring water on the dried leaf the aroma from the tea will flow in the air giving you a pleasant feeling. Mao Jian is produced and cultivated in the high altitude mountains of China with abundant rainfall. Tea tree: Local old Maojian tea bush

    Brief History of Mao Jian

    Zhejiang has almost 2300 years old history of tea production. It is blessed with tea cultivation and production as it has high altitude with enough rainfall. Another factor that makes this place favorable for tea production is the temperature difference in day and night. Maojian Tea, however, started its cultivation and production around 1903 after tea experts were hired by the local government to improve the quality of tea production. With constant improvement over the years, Mao Jian tea has been gaining its popularity gradually.


    Taste and shape of Mao Jian

    Mao Jian green tea gives yellow green colored tea with refreshing and strong aroma flavor. It has a thick and mellow taste that contains chestnut aroma from high altitude flora. Mao Jian green tea comes in long stick type tips. It is dark green in color.


    Health Benefits

    Mao Jian green tea consists large amount of catechins which are helpful to reduce body fat and reduce low-density lipopretein (LDL) cholesterol, this LDL increases the risk of heart disease. Green tea is protective against many types of cancer. Mao Jian has a preventive effect other green teas, it has a high level of anti-oxidants that can increase our immunity and also reduce the ageing effect.

    How to storage

    To keep your Mao Jian fresh and best it is advised to keep this tea in dry areas away from the moisture and humidity. Like other green tea, it should be kept air tight and away from the light. The aroma of this tea is well preserved this way.