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  • Milk Oolong Tea - Premiuml Jinxuan Milk Oolong, 50g

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Milk Oolong Tea - Premiuml Jinxuan Milk Oolong, 50g

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    This milk Oolong, enjoys very light milk aroma. After sipping the tea, you will find the tea liquid soft mixed with pleasing milk aroma. 

    Origin: Taiwan province, China

    Cultivar: Jinxuan cultivar

    Harvest time: 2018 spring

    Picking standard: two or three half-matured tea leaves

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    Milk Oolong Tea - Premium Jinxuan Oolong



    Milk oolong tea well-selected the high quality Taiwan Jinxuan tea as the material, plus the food-grade milk essence. This milk oolong tea, not only enjoys very high milk aroma in all the infusion, but also mixed with sweet, orchid aroma of Jinxuan tea, and long after taste sweetness after sipping the teas, and thick mellow taste. The milk oolong tea was developed in the year 1980 in Taiwan. It is also known as Jinxuan Oolong. It has a taste that is light, and that’s why it is often compared to milk with a flowery scent and taste as well. The tea has light green leaves that are oval shaped and this makes it resistant to many kinds of diseases.



    Whether you're a first-time tea taster or a seasoned tea enthusiast, this lovely tea's appealing taste is guaranteed to impress your taste buds. Jinxuan milk oolong tea has a light milky taste with a buttery mouthfeel. This largely depends on the amount of tea leaves you use. A large amount produces a liquor with a bitter taste. On the other hand, a small amount brings forth a weak taste. Though it's good to experiment, a moderate amount of tea leaves is the best way to go.

    Tea Shape

    Milk oolong tea leaves have a distinctive shape of small balls that is formed when they are rolled, squeezed and twisted during processing. Originally, the leaves are oval in shape, a characteristic that has proved useful to them since it helps to protect them from various diseases that kill other tea varieties.

    How to Steep

    Making Jinxuan milk oolong tea is generally simple compared to other teas. All you need is some water, milk oolong tea leaves, a teapot or gaiwan and a tasting cup. First, pour a teaspoon of the tea leaves into a pot of water boiled to 90 degrees. Afterward, let it steep for approximately 2-3 minutes depending on your preference until a liquor of pale amber color and milky aroma has been achieved. Let it cool, then pour it into the tasting cup and drink it. The beauty of this tea is that it can be used for as many as seven infusions, therefore minimizing wastage, and with every infusion, the taste gets better. Feel free to have it with an accompaniment or on its own.

    Health Benefits

    Another reason to include this tea in your diet apart from its delicious taste is its numerous health benefits. It boosts the alertness levels in human beings due to its moderate amount of caffeine, helps in detoxification, helps improve your mental capability, helps you get back in shape if you're overweight and most importantly, it helps to curb the diabetes menace by regulating your blood pressure levels. Additionally, it promotes strong bones, jaws, and teeth and keeps them fit, in reducing conditions such as inflammatory disorders and heart disease as well as aiding in digestion if it is taken before and after meals. It is not recommended to drink it immediately after meals since it may react with nutrients in the food. It should ideally be taken between 30-60 minutes after meals.


    Whether you choose to take it in the morning, afternoon or evening, Jinxuan milk oolong tea has the advantage of making you relax, soothing your taste buds and improving your overall health all at once. Make it a point to try this delicious cup of tea today and get a firsthand taste of great tea.