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  • 2008 Dayi\"Hong Yun\" Ripe Pu Er/Pu-erh Mini Cake-100g/cake

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2008 Dayi"Hong Yun" Ripe Pu Er/Pu-erh Mini Cake-100g/cake

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    Type of tea: Ripe Pu Er

    Vintage: 2008

    Composition: Yunnan big leaves tea bush

    N.W: 100g; G.W: 180G

    Producer: Menghai Tea Factory

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    Mini Pu Erh Cake - 2008 Dayi Hong Yun Ripe Pu Er

    This mini pu erh cake, Hong Yun, debuted in 2008 Guangzhou Tea Expo, which received warm welcome. This tea is the finest ripe Pu Er among all Menghai ripe teas in 2008.


    Since its Maocha is from different areas, different fermentation time, this allows the tea enjoys a rich, textured and sticky taste and menghai Cha qi. Limited production quality, good for investment and long term storage.


    Important tips: for brewing ripe Pu Er tea, the water temparature should be over 95 degrees, based on different kind of Pu Er teas.