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  • Moonlight Tea - Imperial Yue Guang Bai (Moon Light White) White Tea,50g

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Moonlight Tea - Imperial Yue Guang Bai (Moon Light White) White Tea,50g

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    Name: Moonlight Tea - Imperial Yue Guang Bai Tea (Moon Light White) White Tea  

    Original: Yunnan Province   

    Harvest time: 2017 spring   

    Picking standard: One bud with one or two leaves   

    Dried tea color: Shiny silver hair color with dark leaves hue   

    Shape: Tight, fat, plump   

    Aroma: Fresh & clean flower fragrance   

    Taste: Fresh, sweet, mellow, unique floral taste   

    Tea soup color: Golden yellow


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    Moonlight Tea - Yue Guang Bai White Tea

    Moonlight tea or Yue Guang Bai Tea is a particular style of tea orginating in China's Yunnan province, is one among a select few you would certainly need to taste. Moonlight Tea is sometimes sold in compressed cakes like Pu-erh, and aged like Pu-erh, although it is also sold in loose leaf form, and consumed sooner after production. We named it as a white tea because its production involves withering and drying like other white teas, and its character resembles other white teas to a large degree, although its processing differs from that of other white teas in some ways.

    This aromatic white tea made from a fine blend of hand-harvested tips and leaves processed just similar to Pu-erh is sweet and has a very woody, fruity, and floral notes redolent of cherry blossom.  Moonlight tea, translated as Moonlight White, most likely comes from the appearance of the ried leaves itself, which are somewhat black and silver-white in colour. This moonlight tea has been the subject of many debates. The Moonlight White leaves are plucked from the same Yunnan trees used for producing the many harvestable Pu-erh teas. Then they undergo processing very, very similar to a young Pu-erh. Honestly, we would mistake the White Moonstone for Pu-erh if they weren't pressed in bricks. They are then harvested by hand to keep the buds and leaves intact, withered, fried and dried in the sun.

    Moonlight Tea Taste and Health Benefits

    Despite having a strong Pu-erh scent, this moonlight tea is perfectly light and smooth flavored, and while it doesn’t taste crude, it has a sweet and fruity taste that keeps you coming back. Amateurs who have not been steeped in Chinese beverage will enjoy this as it hardly ever causes the mouth to pucker. This tea is ideal for so many health reasons: It contains high amount of antioxidants which has a high cancer halting properties. It is also very low in caffeine, a psychoactive drug that is unhealthy to the body. This tea is especially good for diabetes and hypertension patients as it helps to control blood pressure. The moonlight tea has been proven to contain very high calcium, and vitamin necessary to keep the body up-and-running.

    Moonlight Tea Brewing Tips

    This sweet tea is best brewed at 80°C or lower—don’t over boil—for 4-5 minutes. It should be brewed many times by increasing the temperature of the water and bringing the leaves to a boil, with little steeping time within the next brewing time if you so choose. Like other white teas, you may want to experiment with lower temperature and longer steeping time as a different way of brewing this moonlight tea. But if you want to enjoy a stronger and more enriching taste, then you would have to use more leaves. These leaves can be soaked twice, three times, and even two hours prior to use. This produces a unique flavor. Using more leaves on even smaller amounts of water makes it really concentrated; this goes a long way in being medicinal.


    How to Storage Moonlight Tea
    There are so many ways and methods of preserving this tea but the most used is – sun-drying and frying –This will prove especially helpful as this has been the primary method of preserving this tea for quite a while. You may also want to preserve this tea by covering the leaves in a tight container. The moonlight tea is one incredible Chinese tea you would certainly love to give a try.