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  • Peach Blooming Tea - Jade Marigold, 10pcs/set

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Peach Blooming Tea - Jade Marigold, 10pcs/set

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    Name: Jade Marigold peach blooming tea   

    Tea type:  Green tea   

    Origin: Fujian province, China  

    Components: Dry marigold flower, Nasturtium, green tea buds

    Health benefits: There are many health benefits in drinking the flower tea, such as detoxification, refreshing yourself, interior heat clearance inside your body and so on.  

    Unit: 10pcs/set

    Certificate of Analysis by Eurofins: (No.: AR-13-SU-007034-01)

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    Peach blooming tea


    peach blooming tea


    Peach blooming tea - Jade marigold green Blooming Tea Flower is from Fujian province; by using the top grade of tea buds from Da Bai Hao tea trees, it is hand-crafted with dry marigold flowers & special nasturtium flower. After brewing, you can not only enjoy the charming & sweet tea liquid.


    All of our peach blooming tea meets the European Minium Residue Level(MMRL). Each Blooming Tea Flower is individually vacuum-packed, so it can be kept for freshness for a long long time.


    Tips: After you are done with the peach blooming tea, you can take out the bloom carefully and place them in a big glass cup with cool water to display and enjoy the bloom flower shape for a few days more.