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Pseudo Ginseng(Tian Qi) Organic Tea

Tian qi


What is Pseudo Ginseng?

Pseudo Ginseng refers to the species of the panax genus. The plant is mainly favored to its rich medicinal value, with history indicating that it has been extensively used in parts of china whereby it is considered as one of the best blood tonics. The plant has long been used in improving blood circulation as well as for preventing anxiety. The perennial plant is native to chins, commonly found in the semitropical climate. The plant has been known to grow up to a height of one meter, and emphasis of its use has been in treating bleeding disorders. The rationale informing its use to treat these disorders is because it releases blood stagnation and that that it improves the overall circulation.

What is Ginseng used for?


San qi tienchi is one of the Chinese herbs whose root has been found to have numerous benefits. The plant is known as paanax notogenseng in English and san Qi in mandarin, with the Chinese having used the herb for many years owing to its magical medical value. It is used to treat such conditions as resolving the vomiting of blood, transformation of congealed blood as well as cases of traumatic injury that have bruising. The plant has been known to help in alleviating pain, reducing welling as well as a useful agent to assist in weight loss.

Panax pseudoginseng root has been found to exhibit significant benefits as through its diverse properties that include the anti-inflammatory as well as painkilling effects. It has additionally been established to minimize cell damage following heart attack and protection of the bran and nerve cells from damage due to stroke.

Ginseng himalayen whose scientific name is Panax Pseudoginseng is used in treatment of different blood conditions as blood in the stool, nose bleeding as well as hemorrhagic disease. Ginseng himalayen powder is used in reducing swelling especially in the case of knee injury, as a pain reliever as well as treating acute sore throat. Ginseng himalayen is used in combination with other herbs to in prostate cancer treatment.

Interaction with other Drugs

Tian qi

Ginseng has been found to interact with other drugs, leading to the assertion that it should not be taken without prior consultation with the healthcare provider. Ginseng interacts with drugs as aspirin by inhibiting platelet activity as well as with warfarin by decreasing the effectiveness of the drug. It additionally interacts with caffeine and other substances that stimulate the central nervous system by causing nervousness, insomnia, sweating and irregular heartbeat.

Medical Advice

Medical advice when it comes to the use of Ginseng is that women experiencing heavy periods should avoid its use since it stimulates menstrual flow. It is essential it is not used during a cold as it will make it worse. It should not be used during pregnancy to ensure it does not affect the fetus.

Food and Drug Administration

According to the food and drug administration department, the use of Pseudo Ginseng should be informed by an assortment of factors that include the health, age among other factors. The fact that the FDA has not approved the medicine implies that it should not be used as a substitute of other medications subscribed by the healthcare personnel.

Any consideration relating to the use of herbal supplements should be supported by advice from the doctor. Moreover, it is essential that one consults a practitioner who has received training in the use of herbal supplements as a precaution. It is essential that one does not use different formulations of ginseng at the same unless under the direction of a doctor since they increase the possibility of an overdose.

According to the natural medicines comprehensive database, common uses of natural medicines are revolve around treating conditions that are based on anecdotes, traditions and marketing. The oral uses of Pseudoginseng is as an hemostatic for treating conditions like nosebleeds, coughing up blood, relieving pain, reduce swelling among others.

Pseudoginseng flower tea has numerous benefits that include ridding the body of toxins, mainly skins eruptions, mouth blisters as well as boils. In its traditional use as Chinese tea, it has been found to be successful to people suffering from insomnia and dizziness. The tea has been found to have a calming effect and improve sleeping, in addition to helping the body to maintain fluid levels especially when experiencing cold and diarrhea. It has a distinctive look as well as taste, which can be classified as being mild, pleasant with a subtle aroma.

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