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  • Китайский чай шен пуэр 2006 Сягуань \"Ma Bei Tuo\" (250г.)

  • Эта продукта:
Китайский чай шен пуэр 2006 Сягуань "Ma Bei Tuo" (250г.)

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    Type of tea: Raw Pu Erh

    Vintage: 2006

    Composition: Yunnan big leaves tea bush

    Specification: 100g/tuo, 5 tuos/ gift box

    N.W: 500g/5 tuos; G.W: 670G/5 tuos

    Producer: Xiaguan Tea Factory

    puer eh - tasting and sanitary standards

    puer eh - storage and packing

    Puer Eh - 2006 Xiaguan Ma Bei Tuo Raw Pu Erh

    Puer Eh "Ma Bei Tuo" Cha is named after the ancient tea-horse road. "Ma Bei" refers to the horse back; Tuo refers to the horses carrying the teas.


    Using the first grade of Maocha, this Tuocha is soft and smooth, little bitter and astringency after sipping the tea soup, but changes instantly to sweetness for a while. Carefully packed in the recyclable wood and paper, this tea is good for long term storage.


    All of our Puer Eh is stored in dry & cool environment, with very pleasing and charming aged aroma & taste. Thick & dense taste with good after taste sweetness.